Fallout 76: How to Farm the Marine Armor Plans

Fallout 76 has been around for a long time now, and yet there are still plenty of new players joining the fight across the wastelands of Appalachia every day. Despite new content rolling out pretty regularly, some Fallout 76 players still like to stick with the old stuff. In this case, armor.

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There are many different armors that players can get their hands on in the game. Even though this amount has been increasing, the Marine Armor is still one of the best sets to grab. It has high physical and energy damage resistances, which beat out many of the other armors. Thus, fans of the game have figured out the best way to farm it.

Marine Armor Stats


To understand why the Marine Armor is so beloved, here is a breakdown of its stats at the highest level:

  • Marine Torso: 46 damage resistance, 19 energy resistance
  • Legs: 19 damage, 14 energy resistance
  • Arms: 19 damage, 14 energy resistance

Altogether, that's 122 damage resistance and 75 energy resistance. Of course, players can also find the mods for this armor to make it even better. They can even get the under armor, to add an extra layer of protection.

Check The Vendors


There are a few ways to get the Marine Armor plans in the game, all of which require going to slightly higher-level areas. Early on in the game, it might be a little tough to travel far distances, but it will be worth the trip. There are three vendors that typically carry the Marine Armor plans and mods.

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Two of these vendors are at the Watoga Train Station and Harper's Ferry. The last vendor is Grahm, a traveling Super Mutant merchant who can be found in a wide range of locations. These locations are:

  • Overseer's C.A.M.P
  • New Gad
  • Flatwoods
  • Pumpkin House
  • Point Pleasant
  • Old Power Station Fissure Site
  • Grafton Steel Yard

Remember that vendors change their inventory every 24 hours, so it is important to always check back to collect new mods and armor pieces.

Kill High-Level Enemies


Killing high-level enemies also gives players a chance to collect the plans for the sweet Marine Armor. This method can work; however, it is also the least likely to work out of them all. With how many items can appear in an enemy's loot pool, it can take a lot of kills to get one plan.

Some players suggest killing Scorch Beasts, since they have the highest drop chance for the armor plans, but that's unproven right now. Players who do want to go out and kill some Scorch Beasts can easily find them at Fissure Sites.

Harper's Ferry Server Hopping


Server hopping is never the fun way to collect anything, but sometimes it must be done. Player's can collect this armor set's plans pretty quickly though by traveling to Harper's Ferry on the eastern side of the map. When fast traveling here, players will spawn on the train tracks on the edge of town. There will be a brick building in front of them with a train car crashed through the side of it.

In this building, players will find a ton of different display cases. Any of the Marine Armor plans can spawn in any of these cases. The cases start at the bottom of the house and are sprinkled the whole way to the top floor. Plan a route, run through the building, grab any plans inside the cases, and then hop out of the server. Now players just need to keep repeating this process until they get all the plans.

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