Fallout 76 now features C.A.M.P. wheelchairs following a fan request


Wheelchairs are now available as C.A.M.P. decorations in Fallout 76 after a Bethesda employee spotted a request on the game’s subreddit.

In a message entitled “Please sweet Beth, give me a wheelchair”, Kel Leunen reached out to the development team, stating: “I’m disabled irl and I would really REALLY love a wheelchair I can place in my C.A.M.P. It would make me so happy to have that little piece of me in my creations. And I think a lot of other people would enjoy it too (maybe for when you recreate a hospital/medbay)”.

After the usual back and forth in the comments, Kel later updated their message to say: “Another edit: for people playing ‘devil’s advocate’; I’m asking for a furniture item which model already exists in game. I’m not asking for my character to turn disabled, I’m asking for a chair I can place in my camp, we already have loads of chair models.

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