Fallout 76: The Best Areas to Hit With a Nuke

Nukes are a powerful tool to use in Fallout 76. While they may create a large zone that will irradiate any player who is foolish enough to enter one without protection, they can be used to change the map for the better. In fact, nuking the map is how some events in Fallout 76 are started.

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Nuking an area isn't as easy as it sounds though. To get access to this dangerous technology, players need to work hard and fight for it. Yet it is always rewarding to see the countdown timer tick down until the mushroom cloud explodes into the horizon.

How To Get A Nuke


Getting a nuke isn't the hardest thing to do in the game. First, players will need to get their hands on a nuclear keycard. Head over to Whitespring Bunker and get the mission to collect the keycard. After obtaining the keycard, head into one of the nuclear silos and complete the mission inside.

Be careful because these silos are filled to the brim with robots that constantly respawn. Once players reach the area where the code can be typed, input the code and select the destination to hit. To figure out the code for each week, players can head over to a bunch of different websites that release them.

Morgantown Airport


Okay, so hitting Morgantown is plenty good enough without centering the nuke on the airport. Morgantown is filled with Ghouls that are ready to attack players on sight.

Hitting Morgantown with a nuke will upgrade these Ghouls into glowing ones that players can pretty easily take out without too much trouble. This is great for getting a group together to farm experience. If Ghouls get tiresome then players can always head up to the airport to farm some Scorched as well.

Fort Defiance


Fort Defiance isn't nuked a lot, but it should be. The reason is the Line in the Sand event that spawns here. Line in the Sand is an event in which players must fend of multiple waves of enemies outside Fort Defiance. Dropping a nuke here upgrades all of these enemies and gets players a lot more experience.

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This event can also be down multiple times during the duration of a nuke. The inside of the fort is also worth checking out since the nuke will spawn in a ton of Glowing Ones. Plus, straight jackets sell for a good amount.

Harpers Ferry


Harpers Ferry has a good amount of enemies to farm for experience, but that's not all it offers. Harpers Ferry is also filled with different flora for players to pick up. This irradiated flora will get players different types of Flux.

For those who don't know, Flux is used for a lot of crafting. This crafting is mainly for endgame items like jetpacks and power armor upgrades, but those are the people who will be launching nukes anyway.

Whitespring Resort


Whitespring is one of the go-to places when it comes to launching a nuke. This is because of the vast number of enemies that players can fight while also getting help from the Whitespring Robots. Whitespring is also really good for farming legendary enemies.

Each of these legendary enemies will be one to three stars and always drop legendary gear. Just make sure the robots in the area don't take the enemies out first. This area is also great for the amount of flora that it has.

Fissure Site Prime


As part of the main questline for Fallout 76, players will be tasked with launching a nuke. The optional objective for that mission is to hit Fissure Site Prime with the nuke. Doing this will start an event mission and spawn in the Scorchbeast Queen.

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This baddie is tough to defeat but well worth it if players can manage to do it. This site also has a bunch of flora and the event spawns in tons of irradiated enemies for experience.

Monongah Mine


During the various updates that Fallout 76 received, Bethesda added a new quest involving Earle and Maggie Williams. Players can grab a quest called Something Sentimental from Maggie. This quest involves cracking Monongah Mine open with a nuke to discover what happened to her husband Earle.

Players who do this will initiate an event mission called A Colossal Problem. It turns out Earle was transformed into a colossal Wendigo and now players need to take him out. This event mission offers players a ton of experience thanks to the hundreds of irradiated Wendigos that spawn inside the mine. Earle is also worth a large chunk of experience and always drops legendary gear.

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