Fallout 76: What Armor Players Should Use For Each Part Of The Game

Armor, every Fallout game has it. Fallout 76 is no different. There are tons of different armors for players to pick up and create. Whatever armor they choose will help carry them through the game and protect them from all the Ghouls, Super Mutants, and other perils of the wasteland.

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Armor is so important that one of the steps of the main questline tells players to create armor at the Overseer's C.A.M.P. Face it, there is no avoiding crafting a set of this lifesaving protectant. May as well find some good sets (or make them) and stick with 'em.

Leather Armor – Early Game


Perhaps the first armor type many players will start off with is leather. This armor is easy to make and only requires a few materials. The bonus of this armor is that it is good for early game energy resistance. The downside to this armor is that it won't help much against melee attackers or enemies who decide to use ballistic weapons. Overall, leather armor actually has some of the highest energy resistance for late game as well, but it is probably best to use when starting out.

Metal Armor – Early Game


Players who wait a little longer to get their armor might craft themselves some out of metal. Metal armor has its advantages. It has great damage resistance. This is great for the early game when most of the enemies will be using guns or melee attacks.

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It is rare for players to run into energy-based enemies early on except for Propaganda Bots and the occasional Protection. The downside to waiting to create metal armor is that players must be level 10 to craft it.

Combat Armor – Mid Game


Once players reach level 20 they can get access to some of the better armors the game has to offer. One of these is the high moddable combat armor. Combat armor comes in three styles; light, sturdy, and heavy. Thanks to it having so many mods, players can easily adapt it to fit their playstyle. It is one of the few armors that focuses on both energy and damage resistance. It can also be used in the late game once players start grinding out legendary armor or crafting their own.

Robot Armor – Mid Game


Despite being able to be used early on, robot armor does not offer great protection. That is until players end up crafting their own higher-level versions of it. While this armor might not be as strong or versatile as combat armor, it still offers good protection against mid-game enemies that use a wider range of weaponry.

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Like combat armor, robot armor has good protection against both damage and energy resistance. This armor will easily be forgotten about once players start to get their hands on some legendary gear.

Trapper Armor – Late Game


Once players start crafting their own legendary gear out of the gear they've worked to pick up while traveling the wasteland, it is a good idea to use trapper armor. Trapper armor boasts pretty high damage resistance but is a little lacking with its energy resistance. Even though it doesn't have great energy resistance, trapper armor is absolutely great for dealing with later game enemies. One of the great bonuses of the trapper armor is the added radiation resistance. While it isn't going to protect players from a nuclear zone, it will help stave off the rads gained from running through water.

Scout Armor – Late Game/Endgame


A lot of players will say that the scout armor is one of the best armors in the game. This armor is harder to get than most other armor because it cannot be crafted. This armor can only be obtained from the MODUS terminals in Whitespring Bunker or as a reward for completing Enclave events or quests. This armor, like the combat armor, offers both damage and energy resistance, though it does lack any radiation resistance.

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