Fans Are Going Wild Celebrating Spyro The Dragon’s 23rd Anniversary


The original Spyro the Dragon game was released on the PlayStation back on September 9th, 1998. It’s amazing to think that the game is now over 23 years old but the classic 3D platformer went on to inspire over 20 games to be released featuring the purple dragon. Now fans are coming together to celebrate its monumental anniversary.

Happy 23rd Anniversary Spyro the Dragon! 🎂🐉🎉🔥#Spyro #SpyroTheDragon

— Spyro Universe 💎 (@SpyroUniverse) September 10, 2021

23 years of #SpyroTheDragon! Happy birthday! 😀#Spyro

— CB_Aura (@CrystalBlazier) September 10, 2021

Tons of fans also shared amazing fanart of Spyro for the occasion.

Happy Anniversary Spyro ^^
Happy 23rd Birthday today to you ^^ #Spyro #SpyroTheDragon #anniversary

— Sonnyman15 (@JohnnySvensson5) September 10, 2021

I just remembered it is Spyro’s birthday today, I had to quickly draw him. ^^ #SpyroTheDragon #Spyro23

— Diuky (@CazDiuky) September 10, 2021

Since 1998 ♥#SpyroTheDragon

⛩Schl4fmuetze⛩ON VACATION! (@schl4fmuetze) September 10, 2021

There’s a party in Dragon Shores today, as it’s Spyro’s 23rd birthday! Happy Birthday Spyro!!#Spyro #SpyroTheDragon #SpyroReignitedTrilogy

— Star15 Productions (@Star15Pro) September 10, 2021

“Looks Like I’ve Got Some Things To Do!”
Happy 23rd anniversary to the purple boi 🎉
Completely forgot I did this sketch so went ahead and rendered it for the occasion#Spyro #SpyroTheDragon

🔥 IgniteTheBlaize (@IgniteTheBlaize) September 10, 2021

Here’s my drawing of Spyro back a long time ago, to tell you the truth, I was fan of Spyro a long time ago when I was a kid. 😊
Happy 23rd Anniversary to Spyro The Dragon!! Respect the fan! 💜✊🏽#SpyroTheDragon #Spyro23

— TreyThornton19 🐾 (@treythornton19) September 10, 2021

Fans were so excited for the occasion that they caused #SpyroTheDragon to trend on Twitter. The hashtag has an incredible amount of artwork and tributes worth checking out for any fan of Spyro the Dragon. Let’s hope that Spyro 4 is more than a rumor and will be coming out very soon!

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