Fans praise “Smash killer” MultiVersus for $100k EVO prize pool after Nintendo pulls out

Multiversus versus Smash Ultimate

Warner Bros upcoming platform fighter MultiVersus has Smash fans happy that the developers are doing what Nintendo didn’t, by announcing major esports support in the form of a $100k EVO prize.

Ever since Smash Ultimate’s development wrapped up with the release of Kingdom Heart’ Sora, many gaming companies have been trying to create the next big mascot platform fighter.

As Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl continues to release new characters and balance patches, Warner Bros is preparing to launch its own game: MultiVersus featuring fighters such as Batman, Bugs Bunny, Super Man, Arya Stark, Shaggy and more.

Now, WB revealed their 2v2 game will have a huge $100K tournament prize pool at EVO – the world’s largest fighting game event that Nintendo wanted no part of in 2022.

Nintendos giving backpacks as prizes meanwhile Warner bros gives a 100k prizepool for the first ever tourney during their alpha. Warner bros does what nintendont.

— Taccm ?? (@Taccm7) May 12, 2022

Smash fans rally behind MultiVersus

Shortly after the announcement, fans began taking shots at Nintendo, frequently blasting the Japanese gaming behemoth for not supporting its esports scene.

“Nintendo’s giving backpacks as prizes, meanwhile Warner bros gives a $100k prizepool for the first-ever tourney during their alpha. Warner Bros does what nintendont,” one mocked.

behold the first smash killer to actually kill smash ?

— – (@verge2pogenos) May 12, 2022

“Behold the first Smash killer to actually kill Smash,” said another.

Meanwhile, Smash Ultimate pros praised the decision. Mr Game & Watch star Maister called the tournament “sick,” especially considering it’s just in Alpha. “If only a certain company I know could do the same…” he added.

Still not going to EVO, but seeing Dev Support is always sick. $100k with the game not even being out yet is crazy.

If only a certain company I know could do the same…

— Maister ➡️ Free Agent (@Maister_SSB) May 12, 2022

The announcement even got the attention of Evil Geniuses fighting game icon SonicFox who said MultiVersus would be the first platform fighter he tries to “take seriously.”

Although other platform fighters have tried to take Smash’s crown, they haven’t been able to down the king for long and have often ended up fading into obscurity. Will MultiVersus end up being different? Only time will tell.

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