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Far Cry 6: Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Guide

While the army of Anton Castillo may be the most significant obstacle for Far Cry 6 players attempting to liberate the island of Yara, the second obstacle is the island’s hostile wildlife. Among the animals encountered, one the most deadly is the crocodile.

On the west coast of the Aguas Lindas region, Far Cry 6 players can explore a large Crocodile sanctuary that has become overrun by the deadly reptiles. At this location, players are able to accept the “Crocodile Tears” treasure.

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Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt Guide in Far Cry 6

After arriving at the location, interact with the document in the marked orange container. In the document, one of the sanctuary employees describes an attempt by Castillo’s troops to enter his residence on the property and how he always keeps the key on his person.


Next to the employee letter, players will find several crocodile head souvenirs. Pick up all the heads in the admission booth as they will be required for one of the main operations later in the campaign.


After collecting the heads, proceed south along the path before reaching a large area overlooking the Far Cry crocodile pens. From the overlook, players should see the deceased employee’s body next to a shack with a red roof.


Jump down into the pen and head towards the body. Players should be warned that after jumping into the pen, several crocodiles will attack the player.


After defeating the crocodiles, inspect the body of the employee. Players will notice that the arm of the employee that presumably held the key is missing.


Once players inspect the body, his prized crocodile “Beatrice” will emerge from the nearby shed. Defeat the crocodile to obtain the employee’s house key.


Head back to the wooden platform overlooking the crocodile pens and proceed down the walkway towards the large radio tower. At this location, players will be able to swing from the radio tower with their grappling hook towards the employee’s house on the opposite side.


Enter the house and open the chest to obtain the 3-star “Surf & Turf” rifle. Like previous Treasure Hunt rewards, the Surf & Turf rifle is a unique weapon and cannot be modified through the workshop.


The weapon’s unique attributes include bonus damage for shooting enemies below the player and a significantly increased magazine size. The one major downside to the gun is that it is unfortunately unsuppressed, making its use limited for stealth players.

Far Cry 6 releases October 7 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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