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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is one of the best 3D Zelda games – sorry, I can't hear you disagreeing from all the way down there, up here on the sky islands everything is wonderful. Skyward Sword is constantly inventive and interesting, and soon more of you can come around to my way of thinking with the upcoming Skyward Sword HD launching on Nintendo Switch.

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If you're already making your way through the game, then we have the guide for you. In this guide we're breaking down one of the earliest areas in the game, Faron Woods. Faron Woods is the first place you visit once you've touched down on the ground in your chase for Zelda, and making your way around can be an uphill battle. In this guide we're going to layout every step so you can get through without issue.

Faron Woods Walkthrough – Zelda: Skyward Sword


You'll find yourself in the Faron Woods just after speaking with the old woman in the temple – head forward and you'll encounter a bunch of Bokoblin attacking a Goron. Deal with them, and the Goron will give you a quick tutorial on using save points.

Move through the archway, and you'll find a big log. Push it up to the wall to make a route to climb up. Simple stuff so far – you can push down logs in several areas to make shortcuts. Make your way forward, slashing at thin trees blocking your way to cut them down.

You'll soon meet your first Kikwi, again being assaulted by enemies. Deal with them, and the Kikwi will run away. You can use your Dowsing ability to find where the Kikwi has run off to, as it gives off the same signal as Zelda. When you approach the Kikwi it will be hiding behind mushrooms, and you can slash at the mushrooms to scare the Kikwi. Continue to chase it. Eventually it'll stop to talk – its name is Machi.

How To Find The Kikwi Elder – Zelda: Skyward Sword


Machi tells us that the Kikwi Elder was with Zelda, and will tell us where to find her. From Machi, look to the East and run up the ramp. Follow the path around past the water, slash the trees that block the path, and keep following the path. Eventually you'll come to a rope that will need to be slashed. Once it is freed, you can run and jump onto the rope, swing to the other side, and speak with the Elder.

The Elder has lost track of Zelda, but he will ask for you to find his four Kikwi friends which are hiding from Bokoblins around Faron Woods – luckily you've already met and saved Machi, so that's one down, three to go. You can use Dowsing to find them – make sure to change your Dowsing mode to Kikwi – but that can still be difficult. All Kikwi locations in Skyward Sword are listed below.

All Faron Woods Kikwi Locations – Zelda: Skyward Sword


Kikwi 1 – Lopsa


From the Elder, crawl under the hole at the bottom of the tree, climb the vines, and cross the rope bridge. On the other side you'll find two Bokoblins harassing a Kikwi. Defeat them, and then roll into the tree to headbutt it, and shake out Lopsa.

Kikwi 2 – Erla


Erla is hiding on a high ledge to the Northwest of the giant tree in Faron Woods. As you go around the tree, you'll see that you can climb a giant root to get higher up on a wall. Then run up the wall to get high enough to reach the vines. You will need to leap over the gap in the vines. At the top you'll find Erla crawling around – cut all the grass here to remove the hiding places and chat to Erla.

Kikwi 3 – Oolo


This Kikwi is simple to find. From Erla, head to the South into the next area, and then climb the ledges that you find. On top of the rocky outcrop is a tree, and next to it is a hole in the ground. Drop down and follow the path, and you'll eventually find a sole tree, and two small plants – one of those plants actually being a Kikwi. Attempt to pick it up to chat to Oolo.

Once all of the Kikwi have been saved, return to the Elder Kikwi, and he will gift you with a Slingshot. The Slingshot can be used to knock down curled up vines, and activate switches. You've probably already seen the stone structure in the Northeast part of the map, and now you can climb to the top, shoot down a vine, and climb up to the next area.

The Deep Woods Approaching Skyview Temple – Zelda: Skyward Sword


Now we're getting close to the temple which Zelda should be in, so we just need to get through the Deep Woods, which isn't too tricky. The first area holds a bunch of Bokoblins – just clear them out and keep moving. Follow the path and defeat enemies, and then clear the rope bridge when you approach it – you might want to shoot the hive down first, mind.

Continue down the path beating down enemies until you come to a chasm – from here, take the dirt path to the right. You can run up the wall here and climb onto the ledge, and then shimmy your way around. Tempt the Bokoblin ahead onto the rope bridge, and then shoot him with the Slingshot to get rid of him. Make your way across.

Up top you'll have another rope to swing on which will take you over to your Goron pal again, who's ready to teach you about Goddess Cubes. Push down the log to make a shortcut, and then hop down the ledge towards the temple.

How To Get Inside Faron Woods' Skyview Temple – Zelda: Skyward Sword


The door is locked, but you need to get inside. This will feel mysterious at first, but there's a plaque nearby which gives you a hint, one which asks you to look towards the sky. A bit cryptic, honestly, but the answer is much simpler than that: the switch to open Skyview Temple is located above the door. You just need to shoot the pink crystal with your Slingshot. Simple as that.

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