FIFA 22 Will Let You Ignore Your Opponent’s Goal Celebrations

FIFA 22 will have a setting allowing you to avoid having to watch your opponents celebrate after they score a goal.

EA is generating hype early for this year's installment of FIFA. It sounds like it might be the biggest leap the series has taken for years, and not only because it will be first to include hypermotion. More details are revealed about FIFA 22 with each passing week, including a slew of new information about Ultimate Team via a deep-dive earlier this week.

One of the more interesting notes from the deep dive was one not exclusive to FUT. An all-new setting to the FIFA series which will allow you to look away from your celebrating opponents after they've scored a goal. “While celebrations are an important part of real world football, we know watching them can be a frustrating experience for some players,” FIFA Ultimate Team lead producer Mike Barnucz writes.

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“That’s why we’ve introduced new Celebration Camera Focus settings that allow you to focus on either your team's reaction or your opponent’s celebration when conceding a goal.” Instead of watching your opponent slide on their knees, make a heart with their hands, or just excitedly jumping around, you can check out how your own players are reacting to the goal instead.

That likely means watching a bunch of footballers slowly walking back to their own half, staring down at the grass as they go. That has to be better than sitting through the opposing team celebrating the goal you just conceded, though. Celebration Camera Focus will be set to Opponent Celebrations by default, and changing it will do so across all modes, not just FUT.

FIFA 22 will launch on all platforms this October, including last-gen consoles. However, unlike FIFA 21, buying a standard copy of FIFA 22 will not get you a free upgrade should you need one for a new-gen console. More expensive editions of the game will do, but you will need to buy an entirely new copy of the game if you want the new-gen version otherwise.

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