FIFA 22’s New Last Minute Celebration Leaked

FIFA 22 will include a last-minute goal celebration that is sure to drive your opponents up the wall should they be forced to sit through it.

It's almost that time of year again. The time of year when the FIFA you bought 12 months ago is replaced with an all-new installment. FIFA 22 will be here in less than a month with its release date slated for October 1, 2021. EA Sports has already revealed a number of details about the game, including an overhaul of its career mode which will now let you build your very own club from scratch.

Every edition of FIFA also tends to include a few new celebrations, usually lifted from the real footballing world. One of those new celebrations has leaked online, and you can check it out below. The clip shows Edison Cavani scoring a last-minute winner before the game transitions into what is a chaotic aftermath.

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Not only are the fans in the Old Trafford stands going wild, but after Cavani slides on his knees towards the corner flag, his teammates sprint over and pile on top of him. Not just the ones near him at the time, but all of them including those on the subs bench and even members of the coaching staff.

The celebration appears to have taken place in career mode, but will likely happen while playing against friends and online against strangers too. Nothing will incite rage in a random person you're playing online more than making them sit through that after you've gone 3-2 up against them in the 96th minute. Then again, FIFA 22 will include a setting that allows you to watch your own players commiserating rather than your opponents celebrating after a goal goes in, so maybe they won't see it at all.

As well as frantic last-minute celebrations and create a club mode, FIFA 22 will also introduce hypermotion controls, as well as Alex Scott on commentary. Scott is the first English-speaking female commentator to ever be included in a FIFA game. FIFA 22 launches on PC and consoles next month, but its standard edition will not include a free next-gen upgrade as standard like FIFA 21 did.

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