Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2’s Story Will Surprise Fans, Developer Says

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake would have been a massive game no matter what approach it had taken to remaking the original, but the fact that it decided to make some unpredictable and bold changes to the story as the first instalment (which ended at the Midgard arc’s conclusion) came to a close made it that much more memorable. And apparently, the developers are looking to do something similar with its sequel.

Speaking recently during the CEDEC conference (translated by @aitaikimochi on Twitter), producer Yoshinori Kitase and co-director Naoki Hamaguchi said that they are looking to do things with the sequel’s story that surprise fans and enable the game to go “beyond their expectations.”

“We want to create a game that lives up to expectations but also throws them off, in a good way though,” Kitase said.

Given the way Final Fantasy 7 Remake ended, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear the developers say that they’re going to continue making changes to the story (it would be hard to tell the same exact story as the original game at this point, after all). That said, they have also said in the past that no drastic narrative changes will be made, so it should be interesting to see how they strike that balance.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s sequel hasn’t yet been announced, but it is under development. Meanwhile, recent rumours have indicated that the first game could be getting a PS5 upgrade soon. Read more on that through here.

FF7R Producer Kitase and Co-Director Hamaguchi talked a bit about Part 2 during the CEDEC conference! Here's the excerpt's translation.

Kitase mentions for Part 2, they want to deliver something that will live up to everyone's expectations but also throw them off, in a good way.

— ☆オードリーAudrey☆ (@aitaikimochi) January 30, 2021

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