Find an early Amazon Prime Day deal on a new SSD

Find an early Amazon Prime Day deal on a new SSD

When Amazon Prime Day begins later this month, we're expecting to see some great deals on storage devices, and maybe even the best SSD for gaming could have a hefty discount. As many game developers now recommend SSDs in system requirements for speedier loading and boot times that wipe the floor against hard drives, it's an essential part of the best gaming PC. With these current reductions, now's the ultimate time to pick one of these super-speedy devices.

Whether you want the fastest NVMe SSD possible, or a larger capacity SATA SSD for storing all of your Steam library on, there's plenty on sale ahead of Prime Day. There's likely to be even more discounts on the day, so be sure to check back here on June 21. You'll need a Prime membership to access those future deals, however.

You can also check out our best early Amazon Prime Day deals across all things PC hardware, or head over to The Loadout for the best early Prime Day headset and microphone deals.

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