Following a 3 Year Delay, ‘QuestLord 2’ Gets a February 22nd, 2022 Release Date

Developer and game industry veteran Eric Kinkead aka Lava Level released the original QuestLord way back in early 2013, and it brought with it an old-school first-person dungeon crawler RPG vibe with modern trappings tailor-made for mobile devices. It also accomplished being an incredibly approachable entry in this particular genre, which could at times be a bit overwhelming. We enjoyed QuestLord in our original review and Shaun gave it a lovely RPG Reload treatment a couple of years after its release. It’s a great game! So we were incredibly excited when around this time back in 2018 QuestLord 2 was all set to release on the App Store, bringing a similar flavor from the original but expanded with tons and tons of new mechanics and content.

Sadly, on the day it was set to release, which just so happens to be 3 years ago tomorrow, a critical bug was discovered and the Questlord 2 launch was postponed. The new date was to be the following January, so just a few weeks, but unfortunately the delay just kept on getting extended. And extended and extended and extended. Lava Level is just one person and QuestLord 2 was shaping up to be an absolutely huge game, so whatever the issues were that cropped up here we are 3 years past its original intended release date.

However, there may be some good news in store for those waiting anxiously for QuestLord 2. As pointed out by an eagle-eyed forum member, the official QuestLord 2 website has been updated with a release date of February 22nd, 2022. That’s 02/22/2022 for us weirdos in The States, and 22/02/2022 for pretty much the rest of the world, but either way that’s a lot of 2s. Was this 3 year delay just a long game in order to release on a really cool date? We may never know, and I’ll also be the first to say don’t go holding your breath over this date or anything, because, well, we’ve seen what can happen. But I will say having a date at all is a much more positive position to see the game in than the limbo of the last 3 years of not having any idea when the game would actually release.

In case you’re new to QuestLord in general, the original game received a hefty update back in late 2019 that resurrected it from its 32-bit grave and brought it up to modern standards. If you’ve never played it before I’d absolutely recommend grabbing it as it’s always a fun game to run through and will get you well prepared for the arrival of QuestLord 2 in a couple of months. Now let’s all just cross our collective fingers that nothing goes awry with its release this time.

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