For Honor: How To Become The Best Highlander

With the game still going strong even after four years of release, For Honor still manages to entice new and returning players alike with new content being added to the game's multiplayer. Among these new additions are new heroes being added to the game with one of the added heroes being the Highlander.

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The Highlander wields a massive claymore and seems to be like a black sheep among the game's heroes due to his Scottish accent, despite being a part of the Viking faction. There is a lot to know about the Highlander in For Honor and mastering him is a huge undertaking for the player to make.

Knowing The Highlander In For Honor


Out of all the heroes in the game, the Highlander is probably the hardest hero to master in the game. This isn't because the Highlander is a bad hero but rather it's because the Scottsman has a lot of nuances to him that players need to know about.

The Highlander has two different combat stances that you can swap between by holding the heavy attack button. The first is the defensive stance that the Highlander is in by default. This enables him to take a more defensive approach to battle by having his attacks be more for counterattacking and opening an opponent up.

This is where the second stance comes in, which is the Highlander's offensive stance that favors a more offensive playstyle and gives the highlander access to abilities that can decimate an opponent's health.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Highlander

The two stances can really confuse an opponent since they won't know what to expect next. While in the defensive stance, heavy attacks cannot be interrupted like heavy classed heroes, such as the Shugoki, and certain light attacks become unblockable attacks. As for the offensive stance, the Highlander's dodges become faster and his light attacks are not interrupted when blocked.

Unfortunately for the Highlander though, they are only capable of blocking, parrying attacks, and counter guard breaking while in the defensive stance. This means that they cannot do any of these things while in the offensive stance and an opponent that's aware of this will be able to wear you down easily.

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The Feats Of The Highlander


Feats are perks in the game that are activated upon earning renown while playing the game modes. Feats help play into a specific hero's strengths in order to make them more effective and to help out teammates in some cases. They vary based on the hero you are playing as and are unlocked either by leveling a specific hero or by purchasing them all for that hero for 4,000 steel.

Tier 1

  • Rush – activate to gain a speed boost for a brief period. Unlocked by default.
  • Body Count – killing enemy soldiers gives you health and stamina. Unlocked at level five.
  • Fast Recovery – stamina regenerates faster. Unlocked at level 13.

Tier 2

  • Bear Trap – place a trap that deals medium damage when sprung. Unlocked by default.
  • Inspire – enables allies to deal more damage and friendly soldiers to fight more effectively. Unlocked at level seven.
  • Winner's Advantage – get a temporary buff when you land an attack. Unlocked at level 15.

Tier 3

  • Second Wind – activate to regain some health. Unlocked by default
  • Long Bow – use a bow to deal moderate damage to an enemy. Unlocked at level nine.
  • Fury – activate to temporarily increase your attack, defense, and speed. Unlocked at level 17.

Tier 4

  • Spear Storm – launch a barrage of spears over an area. Unlocked by default
  • Fire Flask – throw a fire flask to unleash fire over an area that causes burn damage to those caught in it. Unlocked at level 11.
  • Champion's Aura – releases an aura that heals you and any nearby allies. Unlocked at level 19.

How To Be The Best Highlander In For Honor


If you're just starting out with the highlander, then it is best to take things slowly. Rushing in without knowing the pros and cons of the Highlander's stances will be a death sentence for you. Switch to the offensive stance whenever you see an opening and then switch back to your defensive stance by releasing the heavy attack button after an attack in the offensive stance.

The Highlander thankfully does have some simple combos to help beginners to get a good feel for him. These include the tir na nog, (light, light, heavy) Banshee's wail (heavy, heavy), and lowland slashes combos (light, heavy). Exploiting these combos will get you a good idea of the highlander's attack speed and to get a feel for how the stance switches work exactly.

Be patient and set up the right feats to maximize your efficiency to help you become the best Highlander in For Honor.

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