For Honor’s new Pirate hero joins the fight next week

Ubisoft has revealed its new For Honor. The Pirate has set sail for the fighting game’s expanding roster and will be playable from January 27, 2022.

You can catch the latest episode of Ubisoft’s Warriors’ Den in which the developers showcase this swashbuckling new hero.

The Pirate stands out for a number of reasons. She doesn’t fit the typical medieval fighter archetype, wielding a cutlass in one hand and a pistol in the other, using them in tandem during combat.

The reveal trailer gives us a taste of how this new fighter will play with a sneak peak at some of her moves, executions, and cosmetic gear.

For those For Honor lore buffs, here’s the lowdown on the latest hero:

The people of Heathmoor were afflicted with rising waters and a devastating storm that flooded the landscape. Thankfully, the storm passed, and though the skies began to clear, a cold winter settled in. The high waters froze, and snow covered the terrain. Ships were stuck in the ice, which only added to the odd serenity that had befallen Heathmoor.

After so many hardships, so many battles and natural catastrophes, the people took this small respite as an opportunity to reconnect. After being separated for so long, friends and families were reunited once again, and everyone took the time to count their blessings, and celebrate. But amid the festivities, something unforeseen came from the frozen sea. A large ship with red sails reached the harbor, the herald of uncertainty – and intrigue.

Naturally, fans of the fighting game are already asking what comes next. For Honor is fast approaching its fifth birthday which raises questions as to whether we can expect a Year 6 roadmap loaded with fresh content.

The arrival of new heroes, maps, and modes has slowed over time. 2021 brought us the Kyoshin whereas 2020 saw Apollyon, and the wandering mercenary, Gryphon, make their debut. That said, the team at Ubisoft Montreal have been tirelessly looking to tweak and rebalance its sizeable cast of fighters, each with their own unique fighting styles. Hopefully the upcoming stream will give us a tiny glimpse of what to expect throughout the year.

In the meantime, we’ll be revisiting For Honor this year for our updated 2022 review.

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