Forspoken hit with second delay – now releasing early 2023

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Hopefully a new trailer will follow in the coming months (pic: Square Enix)

After being delayed once already, Forspoken will take another three months to come out following discussions with ‘key partners.’

We’ve barely got our heads round Sony just casually mentioning God Of War: Ragnarok’s release date in a boring blog post, and another upcoming PlayStation exclusive has received an update in the most underwhelming way possible.

Forspoken, Square Enix’s not-Final Fantasy role-player, was meant to launch this past May, but wound up being delayed to October. Now, it won’t even meet that date and has been pushed back by an extra three months.

Its new release date is January 24, 2023. Unfortunately, neither Square Enix nor developer Luminous Productions have a new trailer to soften the blow for those looking forward to it.

As for why it’s being delayed this time, it doesn’t sound like the game is suffering any development troubles. In fact, development has nearly wrapped up and is in the final stages of polishing.

The delay is described as a strategic decision made ‘as a result of ongoing discussions with key partners.’ We assume it’s referring to Sony since Forspoken is a PlayStation 5 console exclusive.

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Perhaps it was decided that Forspoken would perform better sales wise in January? That month is looking sparse at the moment, with the only other game scheduled being the Dead Space remake.

That said, while October has a few high-profile titles, we wouldn’t say there’s anything that would risk completely overshadowing Forspoken. Except for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but that isn’t out until October 28, more than two weeks after Forspoken’s previous launch date.

It was previously rumoured that Forspoken would be delayed if Square Enix decided to release Final Fantasy 16 later this year.


That obviously hasn’t happened though, since Final Fantasy 16 is scheduled for summer 2023 – placing it at least five months after Forspoken’s new date.

With any luck, new information or a new trailer will be right around the corner, since the delay update adds that more will be shared about Forspoken later in the summer.

Forspoken releases for PlayStation 5 and PC on January 24, 2023.


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