Fortnite Rock skin – how to unlock The Foundation

Fortnite Rock skin – how to unlock The Foundation

Want to know how to get Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s skin in Fortnite? As one of the most electrifying men in sports entertainment and featuring in some of the highest-grossing films in the last decade, finally, the Rock has come back to Fortnite. After his brief cameo during the end of Chapter 2 Season 8, we now have the chance to unlock a Fortnite skin based on the likeness of the people’s champion, though it is initially covered up.

While these challenges don’t specifically ask you to lay the smackdown on your opponents in the battle royale game, you do have a bunch of quests you need to complete to unlock The Foundation’s skin and all of the associated cosmetics. Sadly there is no emote to use the people’s elbow finishing move from the Rock’s wrestling days, but what’s here is worth grabbing, including an emote that reveals his face.

These challenges may take a bit of time to complete, so we’ll go over how to get all of the related Foundation items, including a map showing the locations for one of the challenges and tips for eliminating a rather tricky Fortnite NPC that’s just arrived on the island.

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