Fortnite: Where to Hunt Wildlife in Wildlands Survival

Fortnite has added a new set of Epic Quests that plucks players from the traditional battle royale gameplay and places them in fan-made creative modes. Wildlands Survival is one of these featured LTMs and takes its inspiration from games like Runescape,encouraging players to fish, mine, kill, and hunt their way to level up.

One of the Island Games Quests players must complete while in this mode is to hunt wildlife. Boars and chickens can be found roaming in many areas, but there is one spot in particular that can be farmed to clear this Epic Quest very quickly.

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Preparing to Hunt Wildlife


Before heading to the best spot to hunt wildlife in Fortnite Wildlands Survival, players will need at least 500 ammo for an Assault Rifle or SMG. To buy ammo, players need coins, which can be obtained in a variety of ways. Twenty coins will be enough to get 500 rounds.

If Wildlands Survival players need coins in Fortnite, the quickest way to get them is to fish or cut wood. As wood takes time to respawn, fishing will be the most reliable way to get coins fast in Wildlands Survival. If players don't see a Fishing Rod, they can pick one up for free, or one can be bought by any fishing spot for five coins.

Once the Fishing Rod is obtained, go to a Level 1 fishing spot and start casting. Three Floppers, Five Small Fry, or one Vendetta Fish can be exchanged for five coins at Town or the various exchange points dotted about the map.

Once enough coins are obtained, head to Town to spend the coins for the correct type of ammo at the Fortnite vending machines found outside the Shop.

Quickest and Easiest Way to Hunt Wildlife in Fortnite Wildlands Survival


Once enough ammo has been bought, go to the large fishing spot close to Earth Clan, southeast on the map. To the north of this lake are Level 3 and Level 4 fishing spots; head east past them, along the lake's edge to the spawn point of a boar beside a tree.

Stay at a safe distance and eliminate the boar. After a few seconds, it will respawn again. As long as players have enough ammo, they should be able to repeat this process thirty times and clear the hunt wildlife quest in Fortnite Wildlands Survival very easily.


Completing this Epic Quest will reward players with 30K XP and count towards Island Game Quest completions needed to claim unique cosmetics. Other LTMs will have to be played to get these rewards, with their own quests, like dealing damage while inside a Prevalent Sedan. Nine out of the fifteen total missions need to be cleared to unlock all of the rewards.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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