Game Rant Arcade Episode 37: Far Cry 6 Gameplay Impressions, Uncharted PC Leak

It's time for another new episode of Game Rant Arcade, the weekly show brought to you by Game Rant Editors Anthony Taormina and Cameron Corliss. This week, join Cameron and Anthony as they discuss the Uncharted PC Collectionleak, the Dead Space remake, and a lot more.

Kicking things off, The Naughty Dog Collection, a supposed PC collection of Uncharted games, has leaked on ResetEra. While nothing has been confirmed, Sony has indicated that it wants to bring more PlayStation exclusives to PC in the past, including the Uncharted series. However, whether or not the original games are a good fit for the PC ecosystem is up for debate.

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Next up, gamers finally got a look at the Dead Space remake in action, though the footage is from very early development. There are a surprising number of new innovations, one key one being how dismemberment is handled, which paints a promising early picture for the game. Of course, it's still a ways out, but the transparency has been nice to see.

It appears that Death Stranding might be getting a sequel, too. Norman Reedus recently commented that his team was in negotiations for such a project, though it's possible he was mistaken. Death Stranding was a bit of a curious game, but the internet seems to have a never-ending thirst for Hideo Kojima's storytelling style.

Finally, CD Projekt Red is hiring modders to work on Cyberpunk 2077. The team will be focused on backend improvements and creating a set of modding tools, but it's unclear how much of a difference that will really make. One can hope that the modding tools allow the community to make improvements, but that remains to be seen.

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  • Uncharted PC Collection Leak
  • Dead Space Remake Demo
  • Death Stranding Sequel
  • CD Projekt Red Hiring Modders

Games of the Week

  • Far Cry 6 Preview
  • Psychonauts 2

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