Genshin Impact: 10 Most Useful Passive Abilities

The gaming monolith Genshin Impact has its fair share of useful talents. From fiery DPS abilities that raze all opponents in their path to all-powerful vortexes for instantaneous crowd control, the series' active abilities often take the spotlight.

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However, buried below the surface, there exist far more impactful passive abilities that enrich the player's journey. From cooking expertise that doubles rations to map-altering knowledge that shows valuable resources, the Genshin Impact community is at no shortage for interesting passive talents. However, with more characters being added by each update, players still find it difficult to choose which abilities are best for them.

Ore Radar (Ningguang)


Genshin Impact has its fair share of difficult-to-find resources. From Mora to primogems to ascension materials, there is a lot for players to have to account for. However, few resources can be as troublesome as having to mine ore.

Luckily for players looking to restock their supply of ores, Ningguang's passive talent will label the nearest ore deposit on the map. Put into a team with a claymore character, players will find their supply of minerals for weapon leveling and furniture making monumentally increased.

Gliding Stamina (Amber/Venti)


Gliding is one of the most common forms of travel in Mondstadt. However, as most Genshin Impact players find out very early in the game, gliding can be a hefty toll on stamina consumption. This is especially the case with long-distance travel from the top of mountainous areas.

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That said, players do not need to worry about giving up on gliding in general. Two characters in Genshin Impact have passive talents which reduce the stamina consumption for gliding specifically: Venti and Amber. More specifically, the passive reduces consumption by 20%.

Swimming Stamina (Beidou)


Like gliding, swimming can be a struggle for players not used to Genshin Impact's stamina situation. In fact, swimming may be even more tedious than gliding, given that drowning will send the player back to where they started.

For players worried about swimming, there are two practical solutions when choosing characters. For one, they can use one of the two alternate sprints to avoid swimming: Mona and Ayaka. More reasonably though, players can use the one passive in the game that reduces swimming stamina consumption. Beidou's passive talent will reduce swimming stamina consumption by 20%.

Expedited Expeditions (Bennett/Fischl/Keqing/Chongyun)


For many looking to increase their amount of goods, especially to save Mora, expeditions should be a well-known feature in Genshin Impact. By interacting with Katheryne each day, players can send characters to fetch special items ranging from meat to flowers to even Mora.

However, some players may be unaware that certain characters can complete their expeditions a little bit earlier than others. These characters include Bennett and Fischl for Mondstadt, as well as Keqing and Chongyun for Liyue.

Sprinting Stamina (Kazuha/Kaeya/Razor)


Sprinting can be very useful in a pinch (or as the main form of travel for characters like Ayaka.) However, with the current stamina situation of Genshin Impact, sprinting long distances can be a real hassle. After all, nobody wants to rush from a difficult enemy only to lose speed halfway.

Luck for players, there are a few characters that increase sprinting stamina: Kazuha, Kaeya, and Razor have passives that increase sprinting stamina. In particular, these characters decrease sprinting stamina consumption by 20%.

Local Specialty Radar (Klee/Qiqi/Yanfei)


In Genshin Impact's leveling system, character ascensions are vital to the game's core gameplay. For these processes, no items will be more important than local specialties. All characters require a certain amount of specialties from their region to level up.

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As such, it can be a hassle for players to collect these local specialties, especially if they haven't taken the time to collect them beforehand. In these times, three characters have passive talents that locate the nearest local specialty on the map: Klee for Mondstadt local specialties, and Qiqi and Yanfei for Liyue local specialties.

Offensive Boost (Tartaglia)


To be frank, Tartaglia may have the most interesting passive in Genshin Impact. Rather than offering a utility benefit, Tartaglia's passive talent raises the level of each team member's normal attack talent by one level.

This can be particularly useful for players that have just received a new character from the gacha system. Given that characters start at their base level, this can be a sufficient means to boost characters that haven't been built yet.

Climbing Stamina (Xiao)


Much like gliding, swimming, and sprinting, climbing makes for an action that gives players a lot of trouble. However, climbing, in particular, can be tedious for new players due to how stamina is consumed. Making large jumps to save time can expend a huge amount of stamina, and should players move in just the wrong way, they can expend the entirety of their stamina for no progress.

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Luck for players having trouble climbing in the game, there is one passive talent in Genshin Impact that makes climbing easier. For Xiao owners, his passive talent reduces the consumption of stamina during climbing by 20%.

Animal Handling (Sayu)


Especially for mobile players, crystal fly collections can be a majorly difficult part of gameplay. Used in making condensed resin, these animals can be used to heavily increase the rewards received from domains.

However, the issue with collecting crystal flies (particularly for mobile players) is that they startle and flee incredibly quickly. Luckily, players can use one character with a passive that doesn't startle crystal flies: Sayu. Specifically, Sayu doesn't startle small animals so her passive talent can be used in hunting as well.

Cooking Passives


Players will more often than not have to resort to excessive cooking if they don't have a well-built healer. It's only natural that players will have to visit the cooking pot at least a few times during their journey, and this can be a real draw on resources. However, players are in luck as cooking passives are among the most common among characters, including:

  • Barbara
  • Diona
  • Hu Tao
  • Jean
  • Noelle
  • Xiangling
  • Xinyan

Of course, not all cooking passive talents in Genshin Impact are created equally. While the most common effect is a chance to double the product being cooked, some don't (like Hu Tao's, which makes a suspicious dish instead.) And at that, there is a difference in the type of dish that can be doubled: some work with HP dishes, some with defense-boosting dishes, and some with offense-boosting dishes.

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