Genshin Impact: 6 Ways To Make The Game Run Smoother

MiHoYo's flagship franchise, Genshin Impact has cultivated a massive mobile community. The first adventure game of its kind to release a port for mobile platforms, many fans have adored Genshin Impact for its constant updates and massive world.

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That said, with a game going on effectively 14 gigabytes of data total, it can often be quite a hassle to make the game run smoothly. After all, many in the Genshin Impact community joke about the game's ability to make the player's phone a heater (hosting its fair share of memes.) Nonetheless, making the game run smoothly is not impossible; with good graphic changes, players enhance their gameplay experience.

Check Your Connection


It can be tempting to assume that the primary issue with the game is the game itself. But oftentimes, the source of the issue has nothing to do with the game itself but the player's own connection to the internet. If the player also has issues with other games that require an internet connection, then it may be an issue of connection over processing capabilities.

One good solution may be to look into a wired connection. Wireless connections can often be susceptible to interference and other third-party issues. Of course, should the players be playing on mobile devices, this solution will not be of any help.

Play At The Right FPS


Generally speaking, players should be playing at 60 fps. In Genshin Impact, players have the option of choosing to play at either 30 or 60 frames per second. While 30 fps most certainly has its benefits, 60 fps will record more details in movement and gameplay. Naturally, this makes it the ideal setting for a smoother Genshin Impact experience, as well as most other video games with high-quality graphics as a rule of thumb.

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On the other hand, 60 fps can be more battery-consuming For players having issues with Genshin Impact consuming their battery life on their device, then choosing 30 fps can help mitigate power consumption at the expense of gameplay quality. This can also avert some lag if the player's device is a little less current.

Reduce Visual Settings


Should the issue not be with a player's connection or other exterior causes, then changing the game's visual settings will be the best direction for improving gameplay. Like most other games, Genshin Impact runs by the rule that decreasing graphic quality will increase gameplay functionality. Visual settings that can be altered include:

  • Render Resolution
  • Shadow Quality
  • Visual Effects
  • SFX Quality
  • Overall Settings
  • Bloom
  • Crowd Density

While players can most certainly tinker with the settings to match their ideal game speed, some settings have more of an effect on the game's processing ability than others. Settings like visual effects and overall settings often have more of an effect on processing than others like crowd density. Either way, players can see the exact cumulative performance of their settings at the top of the graphics menu.

Turn Off Co-op And Extra Effects


Slightly different from normal visual effects, turning off a few extra features may help smooth gameplay a little. Unlike graphic changes, these extra, often co-op-oriented features cannot be scaled down; rather they can be turned on or off. These types of settings include:

  • Motion Blur
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Co-Op Teammate Effects

Of course, because of the limited amount of these features and the extremity of their changes, they should mainly be a last resort. Players can change them should they find it necessary, but it may be more efficient to alter graphics settings first. Motion blur especially can make gameplay less smooth, however, players should reconsider turning off anti-aliasing. Turn off this setting will make the game more jagged looking, with sharp corners and edges.

Ensure No Apps Are Working In Background


This issue mainly occurs for mobile players, though having too many windows open can hurt gameplay for PC players also. By having multiple apps working at the same time, a device's processing capabilities will also be divided between all working applications. For those Genshin Impact players having trouble with this issue, they may experience slower gameplay, device overheating, as well as high battery consumption.

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While having one app open will not necessarily impact gameplay too much, players should ensure that all of their apps are closed before starting Genshin Impact. These apps can be accessed by swiping up on the home screen for most mobile users.

Avoid Overloading Your Device


Especially with mobile devices with fewer measures to avoid overheating, some of the issues with playing Genshin Impact may have to do with the player's time management. It can be tempting to play the game for hours given the amount of content, but this can often hurt the player's gameplay.

Should the player find their device growing too hot, it may often lead to more laggy gameplay. To avoid this, players may want to take breaks here and there to ensure their device is always working healthily.

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