Genshin Impact dev removes Mona thicc thighs mod from GameBanana

Genshin Impact

GameBanana is a game mod site popular in the Friday Night Funkin‘ and Super Smash Bros communities – and more recently Genshin Impact.

If you ever saw a video of Goku beating up Mario in a Smash Bros match then there’s a good chance that the mod is hosted there.

Naturally, being given the ability to modify any video-game is enticing to anyone, from fixing gameplay flaws to adding new content. It also opens the door for things that rarely make their way into a game, like sexual content.

The latter of which has been shown to be a giant headache for companies to deal with, lest we forget the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas hot coffee incident and the media’s crusade against the Mass Effect franchise.

Despite that, GameBanana does allow NSFW mods on its site, which can be viewed only by registered users of legal age, unless they lie on the internet, which nobody does so it should be alright.

Colombian artist Hazeker decided to try their hand at modding Genshin Impact and posted the results on Twitter, which immediately exploded in popularity.

Hazeker’s “Bottom Heavy Mona” mod for Genshin Impact got removed on the 25th of October, 2022, roughly 11 days after being published and going viral.

The mod in question removes the character Mona’s pants and gives her a set of extremely thick thighs, which miHoYo did not seem to enjoy.


COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD. is miHoYo’s publishing label, responsible for Genshin Impact, HoYoLab and N0va Desktop.

As a side note, N0va Desktop also got published on PC through Steam, being essentially a less interactive version of Wallpaper Engine that users can’t seem to uninstall, just a forewarning.

Despite that, many other Genshin Impact NSFW mods present in the site seem to still be up, meaning that the mod’s popularity was most likely the cause for its downfall.

It is worth noting that GameBanana is not at fault here, as fighting a DMCA Takedown from a company such as miHoYo borders on impossible, so unfortunately the site has to comply with any takedown requests.

Hazeker now hosts their mods on Patreon, allowing their Patrons to pay for early access to the mods before they go public for free.

Genshin Impact is available and free-to-play on Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store and official website), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS, and coming soon to Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our Genshin Impact review here (we recommend it!).

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