Genshin Impact housing guide – how to use the Serenitea Pot

Genshin Impact housing guide – how to use the Serenitea Pot

Wondering how to use the Serenitea Pot? Genshin Impact’s new housing mechanic arrived in the 1.5 update, alongside Genshin Impact new characters, a bunch of new events to get stuck into, and a couple of new Genshin Impact hangout events.

But it’s the housing system, otherwise known as the Serenitea Pot, that’s really caught players’ imaginations. Inside this magical floating teapot lives an adorable teapot spirit called Tubby, and a whole realm that you own and are able to decorate as you please. Once you acquire this teapot, you can summon it wherever you like and hop inside for a break from the action.

As you unlock and craft new furnishings and place them inside your realm, you upgrade your Trust Rank and Adeptal Energy, and generate additional Realm Currency to exchange for new blueprints and furnishings. Mihoyo plans to develop the Serenitea Pot housing system over subsequent game updates, so we can expect this feature to grow even further in the future, with the introduction of new mechanics like gardening.

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