Genshin Impact: How to Get The Catch Polearm

Genshin Impact 2.1 arrives with a new fishing mini-game. Players can now have their own fish pond in their Serenitea Pot, making the housing realm livelier than it was before. Not only relaxing, but the new Genshin Impact feature also offers various rewards in exchange for the caught fish.

One of the most anticipated rewards from fishing in Genshin Impact is the new Polearm, "The Catch." This weapon's passive fits perfectly for Raiden Shogun. Furthermore, since players can Refine The Catch up to Rank five, this weapon is easily the best F2P weapon for the Electro Archon.

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How to Get The Catch in Genshin Impact


To get The Catch in Genshin Impact, players have to find Kujirai Momiji in Inazuma. She's located near the Teleport Waypoint west of Inazuma City. Travelers can see a "Fishing Store" symbol on the map to find her easily. Kujirai Momiji will sell The Catch in exchange for:

  • 6 x Raimei Angelfish
  • 20 x Golden Koi
  • 20 x Rusty Koi

Where to Find the Fish for The Catch


​​​​​There are 3 kinds of fish Genshin Impact players need to get The Catch Polearm. The first one is Raimei Angelfish, which can only be found near the shipwreck east of Tatarasuna. As for Golden Koi and Rusty Koi, they can be found in all three regions. There's one spot in Mondstadt, three in Liyue, and one in Inazuma.

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Players should also keep in mind that each fish is only interested in one type of bait. For Raimei Angelfish, anglers need False Worm Bait, while Golden Koi and Rusty Koi will respond to Fake Fly Bait. The baits can be crafted via the Crafting Table once players purchase the blueprint from Nantuck in Mondstadt.

How to Refine The Catch in Genshin Impact


Not only the weapon, but Kujirai Momiji also sells the Refinement materials for The Catch. Players can buy this item up to four times, allowing the Polearm to reach its maximum Refinement. For each material, Travelers need:

  • 3 x Raimei Angelfish
  • 10 x Pufferfish
  • 10 x Bitter Pufferfish

So to get The Catch with rank five Refinement, the total fish needed is:

  • 18 x Raimei Angelfish
  • 20 x Golden Koi
  • 20 x Rusty Koi
  • 40 x Pufferfish
  • 40 x Bitter Pufferfish

Because the fish takes several real-life days to respawn, players might have to take their time with this Polearm. Otherwise, angling is also available in Co-Op, so players can hop on to another world to speed run the weapon.

Genshin Impact is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is also in development.

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