Genshin Impact: Journey With a Gentle Breeze web event guide


There’s a new web event in Genshin Impact which allows you to hang out with Albedo and Klee in exchange for some great rewards, like Primogems and Mora. This is an easy way to get some in-game rewards, so follow this guide for the most effective way to clear this event. To start this event, go in-game and click the “Special Event” button on the Paimon menu here:

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When you get inside the event, you’ll receive some instructions on taking a trip to Inazuma. You’ll have to accompany Klee around the Japanese-inspired continent, showing her and Albedo a good time. Simply click the following button below to get started.

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In this event, you’ll also have to bring an accompanying item, which includes toys, clothing, and food. The game prompts you to purchase some Onigiri, which costs 100 of the special event currency, Brilliant Leaves. Simply click purchase on the right side of the screen.

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You’ll also receive a Fortune Slip that gives you a random fortune.

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As you embark on the trip, Albedo and Klee will leave automatically, and you have to wait for a progress bar to fill before continuing. You’ll receive a portrait as a reward, which you can use to exchange for Primogems. You have two trips per day, so be sure to visit this web event every day to get all the rewards possible.

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You can also click this button here to share this event and earn some extra Mora. Finally, on the bottom left of the screen, click the plus arrow. It will prompt you with tasks where you can earn extra Brilliant Leaves. Be sure to do these tasks before embarking on the rest of your trips.

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That’s all you need to know about the Journey With a Gentle Breeze web event in Genshin Impact! Enjoy your time with these two popular characters, and maximize the rewards you can earn.

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