Genshin Impact: Seirai Island Rotating Cube Puzzle Solutions

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After unlocking the ability to freely explore Seirai Island, Genshin Impact players will encounter several types of puzzles throughout the region. One of the most common puzzle types that Genshin Impact players will find are the Rotating Cubes placed across the island. There are a total of seven Rotating Cube puzzles that can be completed on Seirai Island. Completing each puzzle rewards the player with either a common or exquisite chest depending on the puzzle difficulty.

Rotating Cube puzzles are completed by striking the cubes in a specific order to achieve a pattern across all of the cubes. These patterns typically include having all the cubes face the same direction, or, having all the faces of the cubes lit up.

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Seirai Island 4 Cube Puzzle

The first puzzle is located east of Koseki Village. Players will find the 4 cube puzzle on top of a plateau. After completing this puzzle, players will be rewarded with a common chest and will be able to obtain the Electroculus in the sky via the Electrogranum that will unlock nearby.


Seirai Island 5 Cube Puzzle

The second puzzle is found southeast of the Seiraimaru ship. Players will find the puzzle on a small island close to shore. Unlike the previous cube puzzle, players will require a ranged character to complete this puzzle, as several of the rotating cubes that players need to strike are floating in the air. Players will receive a common chest for completing this puzzle.


Fort Hiraumi 3 Cube Puzzle

The third puzzle is found directly west of the Fort Hiraumi waypoint. Players will find the puzzle on top of the ledge next to the shore. After completing this puzzle players will receive another common chest.


Koseki Village 3 Cube Puzzle

This puzzle can be found east of the Koseki Village waypoint. Players should be warned that there are several Fatui enemies in the area surrounding the puzzle. If players accidentally strike the puzzle while battling the Fatui, exit the game to the main menu to reset the puzzle. Players will receive a common chest for completing this puzzle.


Amakumo Peak 4 Cube Puzzle

This puzzle is found directly south of the southern Amakumo Peak waypoint. If players have not unlocked this waypoint through the Seirai Stormchasers world quest, teleport to the northern waypoint and head to the south of the island. Players will receive an exquisite chest for completing this puzzle.


Amakumo Peak 4 Cube Ranged Puzzle

Players can find this puzzle on the west coast of the Amakumo Peak region. This is the second puzzle where players will require a ranged character in order to complete it. After completing the puzzle players will receive a common chest.


Amakumo Peak 5 Cube Puzzle

The final puzzle is also found on the west coast of the Amakumo Peak region. Players will find the puzzle on a small island next to a campsite. Completing this puzzle will reward players with a common chest.


Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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