Genshin Impact: Seirai Island Stone Plate Puzzle Guide

After stopping the Electro-Storm on Seirai Island, Genshin Impact players will find many locations to explore and puzzles to uncover throughout the island. One of the most common puzzles that Genshin Impact players will encounter while exploring the region are the various Stone Slate puzzles.

While most of these puzzles are easily solved, one Stone Slate puzzle on Seirai Island may prove confusing for players. To find the puzzle, head to the waypoint directly east from the Seirai Island Statue of the Seven. From this waypoint, players will find the Stone Slate puzzle on the shore to the east.

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And That Which Is Different Shall Be Illuminated All The Same

When players arrive at the puzzle, they will find a 9 Stone Slate Grid, with 3 Stone Slates illuminated diagonally. Players will also notice that, unlike most Stone Slate puzzles, they cannot change the slates on the grid.


The solution to this puzzle lies in the cryptic riddle found on the tombstone next to the grid, which reads, "And That Which Is Different Shall Be Illuminated All The Same." To solve the puzzle, head through the Phase Gate to the left of the grid.


When players walk through the Phase Gate, they will be teleported west across the water to the location of a second Stone Slate puzzle. Alternatively, players can also teleport to the Statue of Seven location and walk south to reach the second Stone Slate location.


Unlike the Stone Slate puzzle on the east side of the island, players are able to interact with the tiles on this second puzzle. To solve the puzzle, players must set the tiles of the second puzzle to the opposite of the first (e.g., all tiles that were illuminated must be switched off, and all tiles that were switched off must be illuminated).


As the first tile puzzle only had three tiles illuminated, solving the second puzzle is very easy. Simply illuminate all the tiles on the grid, omitting the three tiles that were illuminated diagonally on the first grid.


Once players solve the puzzle, they will be rewarded with an exquisite chest containing 5 Primogems. After completing the puzzle, players should attempt to solve the Stone Slate Puzzle found in Amakumo Peak. Solving this puzzle will allow players to access a secret underwater area that rewards both a Luxurious and Precious chest upon completion.

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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