Genshin Impact: Watatsumi Island Face Symbols Puzzle Guide

As Genshin Impact players explore Watatsumi Island, they may encounter one of several mysterious symbols -depicting a face- scattered throughout the region. What Genshin Impact players may not realize is that the face symbols are tied to a secret treasure hunt that can be unlocked by interacting with a specific object on the island.

There are a total of eight face symbols that can be found across Watatsumi Island. Over the course of the treasure hunt, players can potentially unlock four common chests, one exquisite chest, and one precious chest in addition to two secret achievements.

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To start the treasure hunt, teleport to the Bourou Village waypoint. From this waypoint, head southwest towards the shore. Players will find a small cave next to the shore with several objects inside. On top of a wooden crate, players will find the "Treasure Hoarder's Notes." Interact with the notes to begin the treasure hunt.


Face Symbol Location 1

The first face symbol is found northwest of the location of the cave. At this location, players will find the symbol next to a small waterfall. When players approach the symbol Paimon will comment on it. To the left of the symbol, players will find an option to dig, which will unearth a buried common chest.


Face Symbol Location 2

The second face symbol is located east of the Watatsumi Island Statue of the Seven. From the Statue, jump off the cliff facing east and glide down to the location of the symbol. Players will also find a common chest buried directly under the symbol.


Face Symbol Location 3

The third symbol is found north of the Watatsumi Island Statue of the Seven next to another waterfall. Players will find another common chest buried behind the large root in front of the symbol.


Face Symbol Location 4

The next symbol is located west of the northernmost Watatsumi Island waypoint. From the waypoint, glide south to the ledge where the symbol is located. A common chest is found buried underneath the symbol at this location.


Face Symbol Location 5

The fifth symbol is found almost directly underneath the location of the previous symbol. However, at this location, players will find that the chest that was buried nearby has already been taken.


Face Symbol Location 6

The sixth symbol is located directly north of the Bourou Village waypoint. Players will find the symbol next to a wooden cart. There is no chest at this location.


Face Symbol Location 7

The seventh symbol is hidden northeast of Bourou Village next to another waterfall. Like the previous location, players will find that the treasure nearby has already been stolen.


Face Symbol Location 8

The final face symbol is found east of the Sangonomiya Shrine waypoint. Players will find the symbol next to a compass puzzle. There is also no treasure to be found at this location.


Treasure Hunt Reward

After finding the location of the final symbol players will unlock the "Long John Silver" secret achievement and must now confront the Treasure Hoarders to complete the treasure hunt. Players will find the Treasure Hoarders southwest of the Suigetsu Pool region hidden in a cave. After defeating the Treasure Hoarders at this location an exquisite chest will spawn that reveals the location of the final chest.


To find the final chest, head back to the cave where the Treasure Hoarder notes were obtained. At this location, players should now have the option to dig and will unearth a Precious chest. Players will also unlock the "A Distant Sea Shepherd's Treasure" achievement after obtaining this final chest.


Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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