Genshin Impact’s Most Dedicated Players Are Just Hitting Max Adventure Rank 60

Genshin Impact turns a year old on September 28, but you may still be a long way off from hitting its max Adventure Rank, level 60. Teyvat's most dedicated Travelers are just now accomplishing the feat, and some players in China have begun to share their achievement.

In Genshin Impact, your Adventure Rank determines whether or not you're eligible to progress through certain content like quests, housing, and co-op. Your rank is pretty easy to blitz through early on, but things stall out in the 50s. Doing daily quest chores and spending free Resin doesn't put much of a dent in things when you need tens of thousands of points to make the tiniest of increments, so even players who have been roaming Teyvat since launch aren't close to the milestone.

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In a new video posted to Bilibili, one player has shared the moment they hit Adventure Rank 60. Just in terms of time, money, and daily allowances, it wouldn't have been possible to hit this months ago—despite some players claiming to have accomplished the same earlier this year. Even if you were playing every day for a year, you'd still need to cash in on Primogem Resin refreshes to hit those maximum daily allowances on questing. Mihoyo does giveaway some of the premium currency for free, but not enough to cover daily refreshes for a year. Right now, it looks like the community may have confirmation of at least two players hitting the achievement, as a second screenshot was earlier uploaded to Reddit.


Adventure Rank 60 is mostly just bragging rights status, the last bits of content are only locked behind level 50, and the last World Level—rank 8—opens up at 55. Ages before anyone was close, Mihoyo added rewards for hitting Adventure Rank 60 in patch 1.4, noting that those of you who made it to the level cap would receive Mora instead of experience points. For reference, I've considered myself a bit of a slacker and just hit 51, while more dedicated friends are just hitting 58.

On the note of anniversaries, Mihoyo is busy celebrating the one-year mark for Genshin Impact now. Teyvat will turn it into a bit of a spectacle with a special concert that's free to watch, but some folks are still a bit sour on some of the rewards for the occasion.

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