God of War Fan Shows Off Custom LEGO Kratos and Atreus

Following the release of the most recent installment, God of War has resurged in popularity. While God of War (2018) diverged from the formula established in the original God of War trilogy, it introduced numerous new gameplay and worldbuilding elements, as well as cultivating a memorable relationship between Kratos and his son Atreus. Now, one fan has managed to recreate both characters as LEGO figures.

While few gaming franchises receive official LEGO sets, there have been numerous video game-related LEGO creations in the past that celebrate the medium. For instance, one member of the gaming community made a LEGO statue of a Wii with a remote sticking partly out of a TV. Thanks to the efforts of one fan, the God of War community now has a good idea of what Kratos and Atreus would look like as Lego minifigures.

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A Reddit user named swedishMartin made custom LEGO minifigures of both Kratos and Atreus. Both figures are incredibly detailed and meticulously crafted. It appears the Redditor used a type of red sticker or adhesive as a way to depict Kratos' Spartan war tattoo. The user even gave Kratos a war axe similar to the Leviathon Axe used in-game, as well as giving Atreus a bow and a LEGO version of his mother's knife.

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LEGO is known for being a very kid-focused company, with various sets themed around family friendly content like Harry Potter and Star Wars. Thus, it's unlikely that there will be any sort of officially licensed God of War LEGO sets, but these custom figures certainly give fans a good idea of what these two characters could look like as LEGO minifigures.

It's amazing to see the sorts of unique fan creations that God of War has inspired since its initial release. Even though the game released over three years ago, fans are still actively showing off cosplays, fan art, and other unique creations, such as this pair of LEGO minifigures. In fact, some fans actually casted actors for a hypothetical God of War movie, showing that they cannot get enough of the franchise.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for God of War moving forward. While God of War: Ragnarok was confirmed to be in development late last year, there has yet to be anything substantial released regarding the game's development. Presumably, Ragnarok will be shown off during the upcoming PlayStation Showcae, but there's no way to know for sure until the day of the presentation.

God of War is available now exclusively for PS4.

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