Goodbye Volcano High Delayed to 2022

Goodbye Volcano High

KO_OP’s narrative adventure Goodbye Volcano High has been delayed. Instead of releasing this year, it’s now slated for 2022. Along with “Global Events” causing a delay, the developer also confirmed that the narrative has been rebooted and is now being handled by Sweet Baby Inc.

“It’s been a really hard year for many reasons, and the mental and physical health of the team has to come first. We don’t want to crunch, and we don’t want to put ourselves in stressful situations to finish the game by 2021 when we can take a little more time.” For more details on the process behind the new narrative, which was rebooted in June 2020, head here. More “fun updates” will be revealed in the coming months.

The previously revealed narrative focused on the members of the VVorm Drama band with Fang, Trish, Naomi and Naser as the central characters. It played out through their final year at Volcano High as graduation drew near. Though the central theme of a high school full of anthropomorphic dinosaurs seems intact, it’s hard to say how much of the old narrative remains.

Goodbye Volcano High is currently in development for PS4, PS5 and PC. Stay tuned for more details and potential new gameplay footage in the meantime.

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