Grand Theft Auto Online Bug Was Kicking Players Out of Nightclubs

Rockstar Games added nightclubs to Grand Theft Auto Online in the Summer of 2018, but players recently encountered a strange bug regarding the locations. According to various GTA Online fans, a bug was kicking them out of nightclubs at random.

Twitter user Tez2 noted that GTA Online players were accidentally getting kicked from the game just from visiting nightclubs. Rockstar Games released a background update intended to stop players from utilizing a duplicate exploit with a recent update to Grand Theft Auto Online. This update was apparently unsuccessful due to a bug that caused legitimate players to be punished when visiting their nightclubs.

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Rockstar Games almost immediately reverted the new GTA Online update in order to fix the bug that is unintentionally kicking legitimate players. Instead of simply targeting the glitched players in nightclubs, this new update blanketly targeted players that entered nightclubs regardless of how legitimate they were. GTA Online players were being kicked back to the lobby simply for visiting a nightclub before the update was reverted and they couldn't spawn at the location either.

Grand Theft Auto Online nightclubs are similar to the Casino because it functions as a location where players can meet up and socialize, as well as a place to make in-game money. Nightclubs can be purchasedlike the player housing in GTA Online, so it stands to reason why some of the players being kicked out of theirs would be so frustrated. These players shouldn't encounter this nightclub bug again due to the reversal of the update.

Because this GTA Online update caused issues of its own and has thus been removed, the duplicate glitch in nightclubs remains in GTA Online. Grand Theft Auto Online players are apparently able to duplicate items in the nightclub garages specifically. The update was also expected to fix known Test Track and Auto Shop issues.

Grand Theft Auto Online fans have discovered various ways to exploit the game in order to benefit themselves, and this background update was an attempt from Rockstar to curb some of this behavior. Beyond fixing this nightclub duplication glitch, Rockstar Games has a few other GTA Online exploits to fix in order to maintain a balanced experience. The removal of this update may cause a new influx of GTA Online players exploiting the nightclub glitch.

Rockstar Games is likely working on adjustments to the background update that was reverted due to the GTA Online nightclub glitch. Because of how quickly this update was reversed, Rockstar is probably aware of the issues that it presented. It's currently unclear when the background update will be fixed or if it will be replaced by a new one that fixes the duplication issue in nightclubs.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available right now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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