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Earlier this month, Grand Theft Auto Online received a massive Summer Special update that added in a slew of new content including new cars, co-op missions, and other minor tweaks and updates. But one new addition made within the game happens to be a secret mission involving a giant UFO, and the theft of some outer space parts. Though it is still unknown how players can access this new mission through normal means, a group of hackers have managed to force the mission to start using tools and have shown off gameplay footage of it.

Popular game hackers known as The Game File Gurus were among some of the first players to find a large UFO model hidden within the files of the new Summer Special update. It was found that the UFO was visually identical to an older UFO model that had been present within GTA 5 and GTA Online‘s files for many years, except much larger in size.

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After this realization, the Guru team began further digging to figure out exactly why this UFO was added in the update. After a few days of searching, the team eventually discovered a secret business battle mission that used the giant UFO model.

The new GTA Online business battle involves players entering a secret military base, known as Fort Zancudo, and making their way into a large aircraft hangar. Inside, the player finds the massive UFO model along with spaceship parts that they will need to steal and collect and bring to Omega, a GTA 5 character who happens to have a particular obsession with UFOs and aliens.

For those who don’t wish to modify GTA Online and simply want to play through the secret mission through normal means, there currently is no known way of triggering it. The Game File Gurus aren’t even quite sure if the mission is active in-game, or if it’s just simply buried under deep code. If this is the case, perhaps Rockstar will eventually officially activate it for players to play in-game. The previous alien secret mission was only accessible after players completed 600 gunrunning supply missions, so this business battle may have similarly tough requirements as well.

Team Guru, as well as other dataminers, continue to dig around GTA 5‘s code for any further information and perhaps answers to how to get this mission activated officially in-game. GTA 5 continues to receive regular new updates so it may just be a matter of when this mission gets an official release by Rockstar.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. It is also coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X sometime in the future.

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