Grand Theft Auto Online Trick Lets Players Customize Their Bikes

Grand Theft Auto Online is a massive, complex experience. The online multiplayer take on Grand Theft Auto 5 is rich with interesting features and mechanics, which is part of why players keep going back to it. Every login all but guarantees a new discovery in Grand Theft Auto Online. Take for example a recently viral TikTok clip from GTA Online content creator jacob_w52. In the clip, which has received over 3.5 million views, a shocking way to customize the color of the player's bike is revealed.

The clip, which is part of jacob_w52's series of "Things you probably didn't know about in gtav" series of TikTok videos, provides a quick tutorial for how players can customize their bikes in Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto 5. It's nothing particularly mind-blowing, as the result only changes a player's bike's coloring. Still, considering how useful and common bikes are, a lot of Grand Theft Auto Online players will likely appreciate the personalization.

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The trick starts on the BMX listing on the Pedal and Metal website, as if the player is going to buy themselves a bike for $800. From there, the player clicks the home icon to go to their search engine and then goes to the Legendary Motorsport shop. In the car shop, the guide says to visit the listing for the Truffade Z-Type. Don't worry, the trick doesn't require buying the Z-Type. Simply pick a color from the Z-Type's available options. Afterward, use the clock button on the web browser to go back to the BMX listing and press order.


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Astonishingly, the customized color selection from the Z-Type's listing will be retained even though the BMX doesn't have any color customization options. As such, there are eight different possible color choices for the BMX bikes, allowing Grand Theft Auto Online players to ride in style.

Clearly, this isn't an intended feature in Grand Theft Auto Online or Grand Theft Auto 5. If Rockstar wanted custom colors to be available for the BMX, it would add them to the BMX listing. Luckily, the innocuous nature of this bug keeps it from being an exploit Rockstar might go out of its way to remove. Players have no advantage with this bug, even if it's gained through illicit means.

It just goes to show that there really is a huge variety of small tricks and bugs to be found in Grand Theft Auto Online, most of which the majority of players will never realize are there. At least there are content creators like jacob_w52 there to help inform players of some of them.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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