Grandma Gets Her First-Ever Xbox and Makes Impressions Video

The Xbox Series S is different from the PlayStation 5 and even its Xbox Series X counterpart — just as Microsoft intended. While the Xbox Series S lacks some of the features of the other two consoles, it does possess its own positives, ones meant to target the more casual player base among gamers. These features are few, but they still do what's necessary to make the Xbox Series S marketable when compared to the other two consoles.

A few good examples of this include the fact that the Xbox Series S is cheaper than the other two, and its smaller design is naturally more appealing. It's much easier to make room for a small console like the S than it is for the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5, which is the biggest gaming console in history. The Xbox Series S can also still play the latest games released within the current generation, allowing players to keep up with contemporary titles.

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As such, it's not too far-fetched to believe that older gamer and YouTuber Food4Dogs recently picked up an Xbox Series S over a PlayStation 5. For the whole of her gaming life, Food4Dogs gravitated toward PlayStation and Nintendo-based consoles, so her Xbox Series S is the first Xbox console she's ever owned. To commemorate the occasion, she created a first-impressions video on the console for her followers, where she explains the various reasons she picked the Xbox Series S over the PlayStation 5.

Aside from the size and aesthetic differences between the Xbox Series S and the PlayStation 5 — and the PlayStation 5 shortage — Food4Dogs surprisingly picked the Xbox Series S due to its limited hard drive space. She feels she plays too many games at a time and so believes the limited hard drive space will better help her manage her titles. She also appreciates the Series S Game Pass system, internet connection speeds, heavier controller, and quiet operation.

All that said, Food4Dogs may still find herself with a PlayStation 5 later on. It just depends on how the console's future looks, particularly when it comes to games. She states in her video that she didn't choose the Xbox Series S over PS5 because of Xbox exclusive titles, as she prefers RPGs to shooters like Halo. Luckily for her, if Microsoft makes Elder Scrolls 6 an Xbox exclusive, she'll have the means to play it.

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