Grounded: 10 Best Armor, Ranked

Grounded is a survival video game filled with terrifying wildlife enemies that can defeat you in only a few hits. With this in mind, it's important to be wearing armor at all times so that you don't quickly die to an enemy every time you leave your base.

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There are many armor sets in Grounded, and each of them has a different armor rating and set bonus that makes them unique. These are the best armor sets and pieces in Grounded, along with how to obtain them.

Clover Armor Set

  • Armor Rating: 0.5
  • Bonus: Moist
  • How To Obtain: Crafted with crude rope, clover leaves, and sprigs

Clover armor is the weakest set in Grounded; however, that doesn't mean it doesn't have a beneficial use for you at certain stages in the game. At the beginning of the game, clover armor is easy to craft, and it grants damage protection that you wouldn't otherwise have without it.


Additionally, clover armor grants the set bonus Moist, which makes your thirst meter deplete slower, which means you can drink less often without fear of punishment.

Ant Armor Set

  • Armor Rating: 0.5
  • Bonus: HumAnt
  • How To Obtain: Crafted with crude rope, mite fuzz, ant part, acid gland, and ant head

The ant armor grants one of the most useful effects in Grounded; it allows you to walk by soldier ants without them turning hostile towards you. Soldier ants are found all over the map, so being capable of walking by them undetected is a useful feature.

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Ant armor has the same armor rating as clover armor; however, its effect is more powerful since soldier ants are such a common enemy type.

Grub Armor Set

  • Armor Rating: 1
  • Bonus: Plump and Juicy
  • How To Obtain: Crafted with grub hide, raw weevil meat, dry grass chunk, grub goop, and mite fuzz

The grub armor is useful for certain situations, particularly situations where you are up in high locations such as large trees because its set bonus grants fall damage protection so you can fall from higher places without dying.

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Although fall damage isn't the most common way to die in Grounded, this armor set has its purpose while you're traversing certain parts of the map.

Acorn Armor Set

  • Armor Rating: 1.5
  • Bonus: Uncrackable
  • How To Obtain: Crafted with acorn shell, mite fuzz, cloverleaf, crude rope, and sap.

Acorn armor has a decent armor rating considering how easy it is to obtain; its armor rating is 1.5 for the set.

This armor set also has the Uncrackable effect on it, which means that it's harder to break it while fighting enemies. If you're mid-game, then you can't go wrong with crafting a set of acorn armor, especially since it has such a unique appearance.

Ladybug Armor Set

  • Armor Rating: 3.5
  • Bonus: Scarlet Embrace
  • How To Obtain: Crafted with berry leather, flower petal, and ladybug part

The ladybug armor set is a step up from the acorn armor because it grants 3.5 damage protection. On top of this high armor rating, the ladybug armor also carries the Scarlet Embrace bonus, which is used to regenerate health passively.

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Health is important in Grounded, and it's relatively hard to restore it, which is why you should craft ladybug armor as soon as possible so you can get the benefit of regenerating health without any items. However, this health regeneration effect is slow.

Spider Armor Set

  • Armor Rating: 1.5
  • Bonus: Hunter's Prowess
  • How To Obtain: Crafted with spider chunk, spider fang, silk rope, and berry leather

Spider armor doesn't have as high an armor rating as ladybug armor; however, its effect allows you to run faster, which is useful in so many situations. For example, you may need to move faster while fleeing from an enemy that you can't defeat, and not moving fast enough could mean certain death.

Spider armor is harder to craft than most other armor sets since it requires spider parts; however, it's worth the effort for the Hunter's Prowess bonus.

Bee Armor Set

  • Armor Rating: 2.5
  • Bonus: Pollen Shot
  • How To Obtain: Craft with bee fuzz, bee stinger, web fiber, and berry leather

Archers benefit greatly from wearing bee armor because it has the Pollen Shot effect. This special effect makes you deal more damage with bows, which is useful if you enjoy fighting enemies at a range.

Grounded is a dangerous survival game, and as such, you may want to fight certain enemies from a distance, such as spiders. If this is how you want to play the game, then the bee armor set is perfect for you.

Koi Scale Armor Set

  • Armor Rating: 1.5
  • Bonus: Dazzling Riposte
  • How To Obtain: Crafted with lilypad wax, sunken bone, koi fish scale, and eelgrass strand

The koi scale armor set is very powerful because of its unique bonus, but it doesn't grant a significant amount of damage protection. This effect makes it so that you will reduce an enemy's defense when you perfect block their attack, which is useful for characters that are familiar with perfect blocking.

The koi scale armor is challenging to craft; however, this set is great for situations where you are in combat with multiple enemies since it will allow you to defeat them quickly after perfect blocking their attacks.

Fin Flops

  • Armor Rating: 0
  • Bonus: Faster swim speed
  • How To Obtain: Crafted with eelgrass strand, lilypad wax, water boatman fin

Fin flops are a standalone armor piece that grants faster swim speed. This effect is standalone, which means that you don't have to have anything more than the fin flops to use it.

Unfortunately, the fin flops have an armor rating of zero, but they're worthwhile to craft because of the extra swim speed.

Mask Of The Mother Demon

Armor Rating: 3.5

Bonus: Poison Coating

How To Obtain: Crafted with silk rope, broodmother chunk, and broodmother fang

The mask of the mother demon is the best standalone armor piece in grounded. It has an armor rating of 3.5 for a single helmet while also granting you the poison coating effect.

Getting the materials to craft the mask of the mother demon is challenging; however, it isn't too hard for a seasoned Grounded player that has many weapons and armor sets at their disposal. You have to defeat the broodmother boss to obtain the materials. This mask also has a unique appearance, which is another reason to obtain it.

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