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GTA 3 cheats and codes

GTA 3 cheats and codes

Looking for some GTA 3 cheat codes? With the release of a newly remastered version of the classic open-world game, it’s time to make your own chaotic fun using the best GTA Trilogy cheat codes.

Liberty City is a fantastic playground for a bit of the old ultra-violence, especially with the freedom to make a tank appear out of nowhere. There are more bizarre cheats, too, including ones that affect the weather, manipulate time, and tinker with your character’s outfit.

Here you’ll find some of the useful cheat codes to use in GTA 3, though there are more out there. Before using cheats, make sure you save your game, and don’t save over it once activated as this could potentially corrupt your save file. Do take care when you’re inputting codes, as you can’t see the codes on the screen and they won’t work if you make a single mistake. Of course, given that this is a collection of multiple games, there are different GTA Vice City cheat codes, and GTA San Andreas cheat codes.

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