GTA Online’s weekly update brings The Lost Contract and the Vectre

GTA Online’s weekly update brings The Lost Contract and the Vectre

It's Thursday, GTA Online fans, which means another weekly update has come to the crime game's streets of Los Santos. While Rockstar won't post the full rundown of what's dropped until later in the day, fans have been taking a look now the update's here, so why wait to check it out?

As posted by Tez2 on Twitter, the Emperor Vectre sports car has now come to the game – the latest new car available following the recent launch of the GTA Online Tuners Update. This ride's a two-door sports coupe that'll set you back $1,785,000 of your in-game cash, or $1,338,750 at trade price. This week's GTA Online Prize Ride is the Futo GTX – a three-door compact sports liftback with a real retro, '80s vibe – while the new GTA Online podium car is the even more retro, '60s-style Michelli GT two-door coupe. On the test track this week, you'll find the Jester RR, Growler, and Vectre.

As for new gameplay content, this week sees The Lost Contract become available, which is a new contract mission all about tracking down some "Lost MC" meth labs and taking them out, going by its Fandom page. It's got a pretty hefty payout of $180,000 in-game bucks. Pursuit races and the Siege Mentality adversary mode are offering double rewards this week, too.

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