Guitar Hero streamer gets full combo on “impossible” joke track


Personally, I was pretty pleased with myself for getting to hard mode when I was playing Rock Band, but for some music game enthusiasts that simply isn’t enough – they also need to defy the laws of physics. Earlier this week, one of the very hardest user-made tracks in the Guitar Hero community was beaten by streamer CarnyJared, and the video of it really is something else.

Soulless 6 is a user-created track made by community member ExileLord, who’s known for his series of infamously difficult tracks. (ExileLord is also a programmer for Clone Hero, a community clone of Guitar Hero that allows for user-made tracks.) This particular track was apparently “too hard to be Soulless 4 or 5”, and was instead published as an April Fools’ joke in 2011. From this players dubbed the track Soulless 6, and it essentially became a meme within the Guitar Hero community.

Some tracks in the series like Soulless 4 and Soulless 5 have been beaten over the last few years, but nobody had managed a 100 per cent full combo on Soulless 6. Streamers had completed “tech FCs” of Soulless 6 – playing the song as a series of sections – but not the entire thing all at once. Well, here’s CarnyJared doing it for the first time in Clone Hero:

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