Hades: How To Defeat Alecto

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As with all of the Furies found in Hades by indie developer Supergiant Games, Alecto is a relentless boss who will launch deadly attacks in quick succession until the player either is defeated or triumphs over her.

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The best way to take this tough Hades boss down is to observe her attacks to better avoid getting damaged by them, though, with so much going on at once, it can be tricky to keep track of all the Underworld energy being flung about the screen. That's where reflexes, in addition to observation, will help the player prevail.

Alecto's Attack (& How To Avoid Them)


Energy Blast Barrage

Alecto will run around or stand still while shooting reddish-pink orbs of energy that originate from her position. These orbs will fly outward in circles as if they are the waves caused by a splash. As such, it's easiest to avoid this attack by staying far away from the boss as to better slip through the gaps between the energy orbs.

Slashing Strike

The boss will use their singular wing to make a horizontal attack at the player in melee range. This attack can be avoided by noticing Alecto's huge wind-up for this move, which involves her pulling back her wing before she strikes.

Dashing Strike

Very tricky to see coming, Alecto will sometimes lunge forward in a linear path over a short distance. As the telegraphing is minimal for this move, it would be best to simply try and not stay in front of the boss if possible to avoid this attack.

Fire Columns

Alecto will summon these huge black and red circles on the ground that indicate where a pillar of fiery energy will appear. By themselves, they are very easy to notice and dodge, however, since there is a delay between when its attack is initiated and the damaging portion, having a bunch of these on-screen at once while dealing with Alecto's other attacks can be quite dangerous.

Spirit Summon

Once in a while, the boss will call for reinforcements by way of summoning a spectral ally in the boss room. Only one of these large foes spawns at a time and are relatively easy to defeat, due to their low HP. They use basic melee attacks with their thick arms to swat at the player if they get close by, so one could potentially ignore them entirely if taking them out is too tedious.

Blade Tornado

In the second phase of the boss fight, Alecto will gain this sinister attack during which she launches a large and slow-moving projectile that consists of an orb of energy surrounded by spinning blades. While intimidating, it's quite slow and has no homing, so players should be able to avoid it easily if they are not standing directly next to Alecto when she launches the attack.

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