Hades: How To Romance Dusa

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In what is definitely the most unique relationship to be found while playing Hades by indie developer Supergiant Games, players can grow quite close to a shade in the form of a floating gorgon head named Dusa. Though, this is not a romance full of intimacy, but one of eternal platonic friendship.

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However, deepening this bond will take some work. More so, in fact, than any of the other potential romance options in the game. Players taking the role as Zagreus in Hades will have to gather lots of Nectar and Ambrosia to truly win Dusa's affection, and with it, their gifts.

Step 1 – Give Dusa Nectar


Giving Nectar & Getting The Harpy Feather

Dusa, employed as a maid in the House of Hades, can be found floating about the place cleaning and tidying. One can gift Dusa some Nectar in exchange for the Harpy Feather Keepsake, which will grant a greater chance for healing items to appear out of broken urns.

Zagreus will be able to give Dusa 6 Nectar total before they will not accept any more, as one now needs to do a Favor for them before being able to progress the relationship.

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Dusa's Favor

Players must help Dusa by doing a total of 12 renovations for the Lounge of the House of Hades, including a few specific ones. The mandatory ones for completing this Favor are:

  • Service, Deep Cleaning (cleans up Cerberus' fur)
  • Service, Detailing (repairs damage done by Cerberus)
  • Adding any Rug

Afterward, the player will now be able to move onto the next phase of romancing Dusa.

Step 2 – Give Dusa Ambrosia


Giving Ambrosia & Getting Companion Fidi

To get Companion Fidi, who can be used in battle to summon Dusa to unleash a barrage of petrifying shots, players will only need to give Dusa 1 Ambrosia. However, unlike the other relationships in Hades, which only take 4 Ambrosia respectively in this romantic phase, reaching the maximum Affinity with Dusa will take 10 Ambrosia.

Fully Romancing Dusa

After giving Dusa the last of the Ambrosia needed to max out relationship Affinity, they will confess to the player that they are not interested in Zagreus intimately, though both will agree to be friends for eternity, which, Zagreus states, is just a different kind of love.

A little while later, the player can speak with Dusa again to find that they will offer to return all of the Ambrosia that was given to them. Regardless of the choice made by the player, there is no consequence, so it is recommended to take the Ambrosia back. Furthermore, there are no repercussions to romancing the other characters as well, so Zagreus can use the returned Ambrosia to deepen those relationships with ease.

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