Halo Infinite Developer Says They’ll Be “Much More Communicative” In Coming Months

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Earlier this month, Microsoft launched their consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Alongside them was supposed to be Halo Infinite, the next entry in the legendary series. Unfortunately, it was unveiled and apparently just wasn’t up to snuff so it had to be delayed. Since then developer 343 Industries has been mostly silent, with any information coming from rumors or Phil Spencer in interviews focused on the new consoles. Well, the silence isn’t broken just yet, but 343 wants to know they’ll be talking about Infinite soon.

In a blog post on Halo Waypoint, Community Manager John Junyszek addressed fans and acknowledged that they had been quieter on the game than they hoped since the delay, but said to expect that to change in the coming months. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get into specifics, but seems to signal that something of some significance is coming at some point before 2020 ends.

“We know you’re all very eager to know what’s going on with Infinite and due a myriad of circumstances in the wake of our date change, we’ve been quiet longer than we like. We’re working with the team to provide an end of year update and establish plans to be much more communicative in the coming months. Also, since I’ll be out of town for Thanksgiving and a small, socially-distanced wedding (congratulations bro!), our next Community Update will be my “end of year” Community Update on December 17. As hectic and crazy as 2020 has been, I think we’ll be ending the year on a pretty strong note.”

It was said before that Halo Infinite was not to be planned at The Game Awards 2020, the last major event of the year, so whatever the “strong note” will be will be some type of standalone update. As it stands now, Halo Infinite is set to release for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC at some point next year.

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