Halo Infinite Gets New Details On Combat, Vehicles, And More

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Halo Infinite seems to be on track for releasing sometime this Fall after being delayed out of 2020. After said delay, there hasn’t been much from developer 343 Industries on the project. Now, though, the silence seem to be slowly breaking as part of some promised monthly updates on the game. Today as part of an “Inside Infinite” Q&A, the game’s sandbox team had several things to talk about, particularly about the game’s combat.

The conversation takes place between Community Manager Brian Jarrard and a couple of the people involved in the game’s multiplayer and sandbox design. It’s a lengthy piece in which they talk in length about the “Halo Combat Doctrine,” the team tries to follow, and how they aim to balance things like movement with kill time and the game’s health system.

A big focus on the talk is also the role of vehicles. They talked about the beloved Warthog, which sounds like it’ll be familiar to fans. They also detail how the team views vehicles as “tempo pieces” for encounters that are used and placed to create diverse encounters. You can read the full Q&A at Halo Waypoint through here.

Halo Infinite is set to release this Fall for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. The team is currently said to be doing what they can to optimize the game for all platforms.

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