Halo Infinite multiplayer is free to download and play right now

Halo Infinite multiplayer starts today (pic: Microsoft)


A lot of people are having trouble getting the multiplayer to work but if you’re hit with the blue screen of inaction then don’t worry, as Microsoft know about it and are trying to create a patch.

In the meantime, there’s some classic IT Crowd style advice: turn your console on and off again and if that doesn’t work… go away and come back later?

Whether that implies the problems are because too many people are trying to play at once is unclear, but hopefully it’ll all be fixed fairly soon.

Two @Halo tips for you:
1) Reboot your console and you should get a prompt to update Halo Infinite. If that does not work, go AFK for a bit and try again later today.
2) Once you get it loaded, head over to customize your Spartan, weapons and vehicles. 🏆

— Larry Hryb ☁ (@majornelson) November 15, 2021

Original story:

As rumoured, Halo Infinite’s first season of multiplayer has started early and is now free to download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The leaks already seemed believable but now it’s official: Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is available to play from today for everyone, whether they’re a Game Pass subscriber or not.

The news was announced as part of a special 20th anniversary livestream, which, as also rumoured, revealed new backwards compatibility support for over 60 new games.

Officially described as the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta, the download includes all Season 1 content, including every map, mod, and all the Academy features and the Battle Pass.

Essentially it is the multiplayer mode itself, and all your progress will carry over into Halo Infinite itself once it launches on December 8, although whether it’ll come out of beta at that stage is unclear.

The Halo Waypoint blog has also announced that that Season 1 will last from now until May 2022, instead of only running for three months, as previously planned.

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Halo Infinite multiplayer will officially launch today claim rumours


Halo Infinite has been delayed before and for a minute there it looked like it wasn’t going to make it out this Christmas, but developer 343 Industries is adamant that Season 1 is not being stretched out but extended, with extra events and items not originally intended to be a part of it.

If you log in today you’ll get a free collection of 20th anniversary cosmetic, before the first online event, called Fracture: Tenrai, will start on Tuesday, November 23 and give you the first chance to earn the season’s samurai themed armour.

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