Halo Infinite Season 2 roadmap extended to 6 months – Season 3 delayed to November

343 Industries has revealed the Halo Infinite Season 2 content roadmap, waiting until the Friday news dump to admit that they will be extending Season 2 from its planned 3 month period to a 6 month stretch – just as they did for Season 1.

Starting on 3rd May, Season 2 ‘Lone Wolves’ will add two new maps – Catalyst for Arena and Breaker for BTB modes – three new core game modes, a 100 tier battle pass, a refreshed Fracture cosmetics event and new multiplayer “narrative” events that will be revealed next week. Through the season, 343 also intend to add campaign mission replay in late August, alongside the doubly delayed online campaign co-op, and plan for a Forge mode open beta in September.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Roadmap

However, undermining all of this is that 343 has had to shift from the intended 3 month period to a 6 month span for Season 2. This is a part of their announced “priority zero” of ensuring that the team is healthy and motivated through a sustainable development rhythm. Certainly important, but also disappointing for the fanbase. At least 343 has also committed to providing regular roadmap updates as timings are clarified, and mid-season ‘Drop Pod’ updates to make quality of life improvements and additions. One Drop Pod is planned each month.

The community has quickly highlighted that Halo 3 received six maps through its first year – assuming Season 3 adds two more, Halo Infinite will just have received four – it had Forge from launch, a Theater mode that actually worked, a player Service Record, many more ranked playlists and more. It had a different business model, of course, and it took far fewer resources to create a AAA game, and the impact of crunch was more easily ignored, but it’s disappointing to see yet another company flub a forced shift to the live service model.

Not only that, but Microsoft is continuing to invest in the game. Developer Certain Affinity has committed to a “deepening” role with the Halo Infinite’s future development, though it’s not clear what that really means yet. They have already had contributions to Halo Infinite, having worked on the game since late 2019.

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