Halo Infinite Shares Another Look At New Multiplayer Maps & Mode In Winter Update



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Last week, 343 Industries gave fans its first proper look at the Halo Infinite Winter Update, due out on November 8th.

Now, in a new Halo Waypoint blog, the team has provided a closer look at the new maps and modes included in the arena multiplayer portion of this update. Both maps were crafted within Forge (releasing with the Winter update).

First up we’ve got Argyle – “one of the first multiplayer maps” in Infinite to be built entirely with the map maker tool.

“This tight, indoor, symmetrical map makes for a competitive arena environment that showcases merely a fraction of what the Forge tool is capable of.”


Image credit: Xbox

Next up is Detachment – a symmetrical arena map located at a once-abandoned UNSC research facility:

“composed of indoor and outdoor environments, providing opportunities for dynamic combat that suits a variety of game modes and play styles.”

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Image credit: Xbox

And in the preview video below, featuring both of these maps, you can see the new mode Covert One Flag in action. This round-based mode has attackers and defenders swap sides to battle for control of a single flag.

“Asymmetric team loadouts equip attackers with Active Camo to help sneak their way past enemy defense while defenders possess Threat Sensors to help spot the intruders. The team who wins the majority of rounds wins the match.”



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