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Hearthstone is a well-known game from Blizzard, allowing players to build their own decks of different spells to battle other players. Gamers can take on different classes such as Druid, Rogue, or Paladin, allowing them to acquire more cards as they play matches. By participating in certain matches and quests, players can obtain packs of cards, gold, and other useful items. However, the reward system is undergoing some changes.

With the new changes to the rewards system, Hearthstone players will be receiving experience points instead of gold when playing matches. As the players earn more experience points, they will unlock similar rewards as the previous system, but the rewards will be spaced out over time instead of being easily obtainable at the beginning of the month. While the new Hearthstone rewards system may seem more lucrative, some believe that it is hurting their ability to obtain rewards, and one of the devs is speaking out against this.

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One player posted on Reddit, outlining how they believe the new rewards system cuts down on the gold they can earn. In their post, they claim that the new rewards system will make players lose out on up to 5,000 gold, which translates to 50 card packs. This player was upset by this calculation, but one Hearthstone dev commented on the post to set the record straight. August Dean Ayala, a designer for Hearthstone, told the fan that if they spend the same amount of time in the new system as they have been playing in the past, then the player will earn the same number or possibly more of gold and non-gold items than they would before.

Ayala said that many players perceive the new system will only “drip feed” packs to players instead of allowing them to buy the new expansion packs as soon as they come out. However, this is not the case, as players will still be able to obtain the same amount of gold and spend this currency whenever they choose to do so. While the devs may fine-tune the rate that Hearthstone players may earn experience based on how the system works, Ayala assures fans that this has been extensively thought out.

Hearthstone has been seeing quality additions to the game with the latest expansion, Scholomancy Academy, and it seems the new rewards system will allow for players’ efforts to be compensated. However, it is uncertain exactly when the new rewards system will be implemented.

Hearthstone is available now on PC and mobile devices.

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