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What's the 'Arm?

Heave Ho Versus Mode has debuted as a new feature in Le Cartel Studio and Devolver Digital's party game, finally letting players race to see who's the best at grabbing onto stuff.

What's Heave Ho? Well, believe it or not, Devolver Digital actually does publish some other games besides Fall Guys. Heave Ho operates on a simple premise: players must fling themselves across a level by carefully grabbing onto surfaces and demonstrating excellent timing.

Now, a new Versus Mode is on the way! Turn your volume down and check out the Heave Ho Versus Mode trailer to see it in action. (Seriously, the music on this trailer might just make your ears bleed.

How Does the Heave Ho Versus Mode Work?

So, how does this new Versus Mode work? Well, it's a pretty simple setup overall: you and your friends are racing one another.

Things kick off by setting up the game — you'll select your team and assistance mode (if any) and then trick out your character's cosmetics by picking a skin color, glasses, face, and voice. Once that's all done, you're dropped into a level and are faced with the challenge of making it to the goal first!

The new levels we see in the trailer seem especially unforgiving. Some of them drop players directly onto a block of ice, giving you roughly a second to grab onto something before plummeting into the void and falling behind.

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Heave Ho Versus Mode slice

Heave Ho Versus Mode looks like it can accommodate four players in either a free-for-all or 2 vs. 2 format. As the Steam Community news post mentions, this update also adds a bunch of new costumes, new options for gameplay rules, and — most importantly of all — more powerful farts.

If you'd like to get into this cool new Versus Mode, you can buy Heave Ho for the Nintendo Switch on sale for just $4.99 on the Nintendo eShop, a 50% discount off of its regular price. Otherwise, you can pick it up on Steam at its full $9.99 price point.

What do you think of the new additions with Heave Ho Versus Mode? Have you retained the ability to hear after watching that trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

Heave Ho Versus Mode cover


Heave Ho Versus Mode Debuts Crazy Multiplayer Races

What's the 'Arm?

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