Here's a first look at gameplay for Dead Space spiritual successor The Callisto Protocol

Its Summer Game Fest time, and things have been kicked off with a trip into outer space. Yes, we have our first look at Dead Space 4. Sorry, I mean The Callisto Protocol (easy mistake to make).

As you would expect, it is a bloody horror filled rampage against some pretty ugly looking fellas. I am talking limbs coming off left, right and centre. There is also a look at a gravity gun in use, and our protagonist stomping down on a felled enemy’s corpse (because you just would if that thing came at you!).

We also get to see, erm, well, someone getting trapped in a fan of sorts, resulting in them getting mushed up. To sum up, it’s unpleasant, clausterphobic and, won’t lie, I’m here for it. See what you think for yourself below.


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