Here’s how Crusader Kings 3’s struggle system works

Here’s how Crusader Kings 3’s struggle system works

The Fate of Iberia release date is coming up next month, and so Crusader Kings III’s developers have revealed how one of the new systems that arrives along with it will reshape the entire game, whether you purchase the add-on or not. ‘Struggles’ are a new way to understand and contextualise conflicts that embroil regions over the course of centuries, and they’re going to shake up the medieval grand strategy game in some important ways.

In the latest Crusader Kings III dev diary, Paradox content designer Ewan Cowhig Croft explains the scope of struggles and how they’ll play out in the game. The struggle system was developed to handle the Iberian peninsula, but Croft says it “would have been a waste” to make a system this complex and far-reaching that only applied to Hispania.

Struggles are long-term conflicts that can involve any kind of strife, up to and including war. Croft says they’ll typically last for centuries, and can involve nations, cultures, and faiths – as well as key individuals in the region where the struggle is located.

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